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ICOM IC-W2A Dual band HT

Discussion in 'Ham Radio Gear For Sale' started by K4FH, May 23, 2011.

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  1. K4FH

    K4FH Ham Member

    I'm selling this for a ham friend:

    IC-W2A. Comes with BP-90 AA battery back and antenna. The battery back includes 6 AA NiMH batteries.

    Radio can do cross-band repeat. LCD is dim straight on but readable.

    $100 includes shipping.

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  2. K4FH

    K4FH Ham Member

    Wow, that was fast. This must be a decent radio. I've never used one. I have a pending offer. If there are no more offers in the next couple hours I'll sell it to the person that made this offer.

    Chris k4fh
  3. K9CRS

    K9CRS XML Subscriber

    Still have the radio I will give you full price
  4. K4FH

    K4FH Ham Member

    Sold, pending funds.

  5. K9CRS

    K9CRS XML Subscriber

    I have to with draw my offer just bought a Yaesu ft60
  6. K4FH

    K4FH Ham Member

    K9CRS's offer has been withdrawn. I'll wait a couple more hours before I go with the first offer.

    Chris k4fh
  7. AJ4XP

    AJ4XP Ham Member

    I will be happy to ship you a US PS money order out this week..
    Let me know,,,I see that this offer has been withdrawn???
    PLease reply..

    Franklin, NC
  8. K4FH

    K4FH Ham Member

    Sold to AJ4XP pending funds.
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