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IC 7000 radio mobile, with Predator screwdriver antenna! WOW

Discussion in 'QRZ TV' started by WX9DX, Feb 1, 2012.

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  1. WX9DX

    WX9DX XML Subscriber

    Wow, an Icom 7000 is the way to go!Using a Better RF unit to tune the screw drive antenna. This combination does allow one button operation on the IC7000 to tune the antenna on any HF band! I use this truck lots and this system works flawless. Add the Predator antenna " from N9JMX" and it kicks butt!

  2. WX9DX

    WX9DX XML Subscriber


    BTW I said fans and ment relays to control the equipment under the back seat! LOL My first stage fright :p Haha
  3. VE7ZZP

    VE7ZZP Ham Member

    cool beans man
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