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IC-2820 Scan Interrupt on Digital Channels

Discussion in 'Mobile Radio Systems' started by W3PAP, Feb 17, 2012.

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  1. W3PAP

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    I have had my IC-2820 for a good while now and my wife bought me the UT-123 Digital Module for Christmas so I have been getting familiar with digital amateur communications since then. We do not have a local digital repeater but do have a local simplex digital channel and there is a digital hotspot with connection to a reflector that can be monitored. So I programmed the local simplex channel into my left side receiver which I keep in scan for the local repeaters and simplex channels. It is the only digital channel in that bank. I then programmed the hotspot frequency into memory and did not put it into a bank. I set the right side receiver on that hotspot channel and no scan on that receiver. I have discovered that if I am listening to a signal on the right receiver and the left side is scanning with no signals, that the audio gets interrupted for a fraction of a second about every 2 seconds (and the "mute" indicator flashes) which makes it hard to easily listen to the audio and very annoying. I then noticed that if the left side is stopped from scanning that the interrupt does not happen. Quite by accident, today I discovered that if I stop the left side from scanning and manually tune through the channels in that bank, that the "mute" indicator comes on when you select the single digital channel that is in that bank (and there is no signal on that channel). When scanning, the interrupt of the right receiver occurs every time the left receiver scans through the digital channel in that bank.

    Can anyone explain to me what is happening and should this be considered normal? I cannot find anything in the manual and I talked to ICOM tech support and they could not shed any light on it and had no notes of this being a problem ever reported. They were going to investigate and get back to me. I guess I will try putting all the digital channel into a separate bank by themselves to see if that solves this problem.

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