IC-02E shematic for newer version

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  1. HG5AZR

    HG5AZR Ham Member

    Hi all!

    1.Who has schematic circuit for IC-02E for all version?

    I have two IC-02E radio but one of them is older ,same component is different,CPU is similar but not same.
    I like to get schematic for all type:
    My newer IC-02E radio has HD44795 type CPU and has no CPU reset button on board.
    Older has HD 44795B60 or HD44795A61 type or maybe other.

    2.On older type IC-02E I hear 100Hz CTCSS very loud,on newer one nothing to hear,maybe other filter cut it,different component in radio?

    3.In newer IC-02E is only one IC is interesting it is no made in japan on it,made in Malaysia,normal?Foils side seems very nice.

    Zoli HG5AZR
  2. KO6WB

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