I go by my middle name, when I get my HAM ticket can I use my middle name?

Discussion in 'Becoming an Amateur Radio Operator/Upgrading Privi' started by MR_HAMWANNAB, Jun 26, 2012.

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    I go by my middle name, when I get my HAM ticket can I use my middle name?

    I have went by my middle name for well over 10 years, can I use my middle name on the HAM ticket, instead of my first name?
  2. K0RGR

    K0RGR Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    I went to the FCC online registration information, and there is nothing there one way or the other about having to use your legal name. The form asks for first name and middle initial, though, and it's all pegged to your taxpayer ID number. So, I would think that the name should match what's on the taxpayer ID.

    My father had a lot of grief with government forms in his lifetime. At least FCC only asks for middle initial. Many of them want your full middle name. On my dad's birth certificate, they abbreviated his middle name as 'R.', so that was his legal middle name. If he put the legal name on the document, it got rejected. If he put the name it was supposed to be, it got rejected because it didn't match his birth certificate.
  3. K7MEM

    K7MEM Ham Member QRZ Page

    Since there is no place for a AKA on the FCC application, use your legal name. However, when you get on the air you can use whatever name you want. If you feel you need to explain a little bit, include a brief mention in your QRZ profile. Otherwise, don't worry about it.

    Many people prefer their middle name, while others don't. In my case, I dropped a middle name. Originally I was Martin Harold Edward Meserve. But I found that the "H" was a little clumsy and dropped it. That was over 40 years ago and my legal name no longer reflects it. And, as you can see from my call letters "K7MEM", neither does my ham license.
  4. KC9UDX

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    A few years ago, I was required to fill out a federal form listing all my aliases so they could be used to identify me. Having no aliases, I found that quite amusing and invented some on the spot. I think this was a "homeland seguridad" thing.
    I wish I could remember what aliases I used, because I probably could have used one with the FCC.
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