How to remove fiberglass rod from aluminum pipe?

Discussion in 'Antennas, Feedlines, Towers & Rotors' started by JG7AMD, Oct 17, 2019.

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  1. W2AAT

    W2AAT XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    You might try making a parallel cut in the element with an oscillating saw. If you did this on opposite sides, the element might expand enough to free it up. Then, when assembling you need only to use a hose clamp to re-secure element/boom.
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  2. NH7RO

    NH7RO Ham Member QRZ Page

    Konichiwa, Yoshi-san;

    Max Gain Systems in USA sells many types of fiberglass rod; I would search them unless there might be other companies in Japan that also stock many types and sizes.

  3. KD0CAC

    KD0CAC Ham Member QRZ Page

    Fiberglass is easy to work with , cut exposed fiberglass then drill it out .
    Now get some fiberglass cloth & 2-part hardner , get cloth wet with 2-part mix , and just rollup till oversized , now mount in drill & spin and use sandpaper to trim to size .
  4. W4RS

    W4RS Ham Member QRZ Page

    if you need a piece of fiberglass rod, I have some from max gain. they are solid. what is the tube size?
    I am in the Philippines and can send one to you by mail.
    jim harper, w4rs, du3jh, 4e3x
    my email is
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  5. JG7AMD

    JG7AMD Ham Member QRZ Page

    Thank you for your many replies.

    I have tried to remove the outer aluminum pipe, it could not take out. As you see the picture, it may crimp the inner pipe together or be rusted.

    The fiberglass rod size is 8" x OD 3/4". 200mm x 19.1mm
    According to the MAX-GAIN website, they sell the right one at a reasonable price. Maybe shipping costs higher. Hi.
    Thank you for good offer Jim, if I cannot take out I will mail to you.

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  6. KA9JLM

    KA9JLM Ham Member QRZ Page

    It looks like the aluminum has been crimped down on the fiberglass, So its not going anywhere.
  7. W2AAT

    W2AAT XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Look at an earlier post of mine. Simply make 3"+- vertical (picture) cuts in the aluminum (both sides of the pipe) in both pipes. If the crimps are farther up on the pipes, then cut past the crimps! Make your cuts deep enough to go through the aluminum but not deep enough cut into the fiberglass...

    Think about the last time you went to the muffler shop to have the muffler replaced. If they couldn't get the muffler free of the pipe, they simply cut up the muffler pipe until they could wiggle the muffler and free it from the pipe. Your slots will give you "Wiggle"!

    You people are making this far far too difficult and expensive!
  8. JG7AMD

    JG7AMD Ham Member QRZ Page

    Yes, it looks like crimped down on the fiberglass, but I am sure it was separated.
  9. WA7F

    WA7F Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    Some vibration might help. Support the tubing and tap on it with two hammers. Strike each side at the same time a few times, rotate the tubes 90 degrees and do it again. If the hammers strike at the same time the vibration will concentrate on the tubing. Use some common sense with the force applied. It might take a few minutes but eventually you will get some movement.
  10. JG7AMD

    JG7AMD Ham Member QRZ Page

    It is a good idea, but I never used an oscillator saw. I need the practice to cut only the aluminum pipes first.
    Thank you for good advice.

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