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How time changes things - Checking if frequency is in use on CW

Discussion in 'On-Air Operations - Q&A' started by KG5NII, Jul 2, 2017.

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  1. KG5NII

    KG5NII Ham Member QRZ Page

    Indeed. And the exact reasons explained to me was the simple fact that "QRL?" has the potential to cause unnecessary interference whereas simply sending IE is short enough to minimize potential interference. And on the same token, one wouldn't send QRL in reply for the simple reason of missing too much of the relevant transmission, so a simply reply of "C" would suffice to get point across. SENDER: dit-dit dit , RESPONDENT: dah-dit-dah-dit results in a very short fast, quick and efficient exchange that minimizes interference. One ham who responded to this thread stated that people should simply send QRL? and if that resulted in enough interference that caused someone to miss information , I could always ask the person to repeat the info. You've got to be kidding me right? DUH! I can only venture to guess what planet an answer like that comes from.

    I seem to remember the CPN, if not by name, then by what they did. If it was a CW net dedicated to developing faster cw sending / receiving skill and I am positive I was a part of that quite frequently if those guys were doing it in the early 70's. But there was more than one of those as I remember, with similar nets going on in the "5" callsign area as well. One checked into these nets or groups for the sole express purpose of getting useful and helpful critiques on your sending and things to do to improve. And masters they were. They would have a weekly high speed net with guys sending >4o or 50 wpm with ease. This was before people had computers and decoders, these old timers really knew their CW and were a joy to listen to. They were not afraid to QRS to chat with us Novices after the net either. I would regularly hear them down in the novice bands very much QRS encouraging and helping novices develop their skill. After all it was quite a big jump from 5 WPM to 13 WPM needed to get to get the general class. I seem to remember the novice class starting out as 1 year non renewable, then two years non renewable and then two years renewable once, but that was a long time ago and I could be wrong. Still, these guys and gals would regularly make the rounds in the novice bands and try to encourage and help us novices get their skills up. The 5 WPM -> 13 WPM gap was a huge hurdle for many and I believe these old timers understood that.

    Where are all the > 25 wpm ops hanging out these days? Everyone I meet on CW been doing it for 50 + years, yet seem to have trouble at speeds > 25 wpm. OK. these people are getting up in the years and I totally get that. I'm not so fast at many things now days either! Not that I mind slowing down, but it's hard to develop your skill when hardly anyone is sending at 30 or 35 wpm anymore. Every now and then I run across someone who is awesome and puts me in my place and gives me a really good workout, however, that us more a rare exception than the rule.

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  2. W5WN

    W5WN Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    I'm waiting for part 2, how you got into trouble with the FCC on 40 meter CW!
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  3. KW6LA

    KW6LA Ham Member QRZ Page

    Done my share of CW and I start with a ? , then QRL twice. If no answer bang away ..

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