Homebrew Heroes Award for 2019 in Amateur Radio Announced

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by M1MRB, Oct 13, 2019.

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  1. M1MRB

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    Hans Summers G0UPL Receives First Homebrew Heroes Award

    Ridgeland, Mississippi— October 13, 2019 — Today, the Homebrew Heroes Award Program announced its first annual recipient, Hans Summers, Call Sign G0UPL. This annual award recognizes persons, groups or organizations who help define the frontiers in amateur radio technology through the long-standing tradition of “home brew” construction. This is the first of the annual awards to be given by the new program, housed at the website address, homebrewheroes.org.

    “Our Steering Committee sought the advice of an anonymous Selection Committee who surveyed the landscape of known homebrew designers in amateur radio. There are indeed many very deserving ones! But only one can be chosen each year. The Steering Committee was very pleased to accept this recommendation to make this first Award to Hans Summers G0UPL,” said Frank Howell K4FMH. Other Committee members are Martin Butler M1MRB and Colin Butler M6BOY. All three are affiliated with the ICQ Podcast (icqpodcast.com).

    The Hero for 2019, Hans Summers stated, “To be the honouree for the first of these Homebrew Hero Awards is quite significant for me. I am humbled and,

    frankly, just blown away by it all. I’ve been sharing my homebrew work through my personal website at hanssummers.com for years now and my company, QRP Labs (qrp-labs.com), for just a few years. But the latter is my full time work these days. To have these efforts publicly recognized in this way is so personally gratifying!”

    Martin Butler, M1MRB from London added, “Hans has continually demonstrated to all with at least one eye open that the traditional homebrew craft and science is alive and well. I am glad that I was not part of the choosing process per se but I am very pleased to accept the recommendation.” “I’ve watched Hans Summers continue to innovate in his design of terrific homebrew kits and products that have made a fantastic impact on the amateur radio market place,” added Colin Butler M6BOY, of County Kilkenny, Ireland.

    “The donated prizes to our Hero 2019 are beginning to arrive at Hans’ residence. These very supportive donors deserve note by those in the homebrew space when they consider their own purchases. As publisher of the ICQ Podcast, I am delighted for us to serve as the official promotional partner of this Awards Program,” Colin Butler continued.

    Frank Howell K4FMH added, “Commercial companies making prize donations for this year include: Digilent Inc., a National Instruments Company; Siglent Ltd.; MFJ Enterprises; the Ham Radio Workbench Podcast; and Heil Sound. Other companies have expressed positive interest and are evaluating the right product to donate.”

    The formal video presentation is available at the Award Program website, homebrewheroes.org. A longer audio feature interview is available in Episode 308 of the ICQ Podcast at icqpodcast.com.

    For more information, press only:

    Frank M. Howell

    Contact page on Homebrew Heroes website

    @frankmhowell (Twitter)

    To contact the Award recipient, Hans Summers G0UPL, e-mail him for arrangements at hans.summers@gmail.com

    For more information on the Hombrew Heroes Award:


    Graphic Logo: https://homebrewheroes.org/index.php/about/

    Picture of Hans Summers G0UPL, Homebrew Hero 2019:

    Homebrew Hero 2019, Hans Summers G0UPL

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  3. W2CSI

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    Congrats! Hans!!!
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  4. VU2USA

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    Congratulations Hans Summers.
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  5. AJ6KZ

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    This is perfect! If any of you have built a QRP-labs kit you will know the meticulous detail that Hans puts into the instructions. Not just that, but he includes lot of technical analysis and details about the radio design. Just wonderful.
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  6. W1YW

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    Congrats to Hans!
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  7. WA4NID

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    Wow so deserving YES thanks Hans, keep going, you do wonderful work to bring elegant but simplified and affordable designs that we can really use!
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