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High Sierra HS-1000 All-Band HF Antenna

Discussion in 'Ham Radio Gear For Sale' started by K7NIB, Jul 13, 2013.

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  1. K7NIB

    K7NIB Ham Member QRZ Page

    This High Sierra HS-1000 is a vertical HF "screwdriver" antenna covering the 80 through 6 meter bands. Its "roller inductance" is varied by a motor mechanism located in its base. The motor is actuated by a remote control which starts, stops, and reverses motor action. This antenna is typically installed on the rear of vehicles. But it can also be readily deployed for excellent portable and fixed HF operation. Various photos of the base section are provided for my present portable-mobile configuration. The base portion of the antenna is approximately 38 inches long, and two inches thick. Not shown is the top whip, which can optionally vary in length from about three feet to eight feet. The total weight is less than five pounds when a six-foot whip is used. This antenna’s power rating is 800W PEP.

    This screwdriver antenna for sale represents a "subsystem" including the following seven items: (1) the roller-mechanism base described above, (2) a HS-1000 universal mounting bracket, (3) a special sheathed cable containing 22 feet of RG-58A/U coax cable as well as two 22-foot #16 conductors for provisioning the required three amperes for motor current, (4) a small and simple homebrew control unit with UP/DOWN switches to control motor action, (5) a cigarette lighter plug to temporarily source the power for the motor and the transceiver’s DC power plug, (6) a conventional DC power plug to connect the battery to a HF transceiver, and (7) a quick-release device/socket on top of the base section of the HS-1000 for accommodating virtually any 3/8" x 24 stud-based whip.

    This HS-1000 subsystem is in excellent operating condition. It reliably fully extends up (for 80 meters) and fully contracts down (for 10 meters), even when the car engine is turned off. I affirmed its excellent performance yesterday (7-12-2013). There have been no problems for this two-owner subsystem.

    As you may have seen, the retail price for new motorized screwdriver antenna subsystems are typically within the $400- $550 range, depending on variables such as RF power handling capability and frequency band coverage. The AES Catalog for Spring/Summer 2013 indicates on Page 76 that its price for the Tarheel Motorized Mobile Antenna (Model 100AHP Pack) is $549.99. This latter antenna indeed has a higher rated power (1,500W PEP) than for the HS-1000 (800W PEP), but ostensibly does not provide 6 meter operation via simple quick-release of any whip.

    The price for this carefully and infrequently used HS-1000 antenna subsystem is $125 when checked out and picked up at my QTH in Medford, Oregon. (If it is picked up at this QTH, I will include without charge a six-foot stainless steel whip in order to avoid the effort involved with arranging and mailing appropriate funds, packaging of the various items, and travel to the local UPS Store.) The price of $125 is notably about one-fourth the price of new screwdriver antenna subsystems. This HS-1000 antenna subsystem is indeed priced to sell.

    On a secondary basis, I will consider packaging and UPS shipping this subsystem to ham radio operators in CONUS states, and I will pay for its packaging. The buyer within this CONUS area would pay a flat shipping fee (which includes insurance and signature proof of delivery) of $35, most of which would be attributable to the weight of the special convenient 22-foot sheathed multiconductor cabling.

    Remote payment may be made by a bank check, USPS money order, a check from a large U.S. retailer such as Walmart or Kroger, or a personal check which has cleared my bank. I am willing to provide a signature receipt upon delivery of payment to my QTH. I will provide my fixed-line telephone number and regular e-mailbox to serious potential buyers.

    Please initially contact me via or my physical mailing address.

    Thank you for your interest.

    Kenneth W. "Ken" Taylor, W6NIB
    4707 Cloudcrest Drive
    Medford, OR 97504-9278
    E-mail (interim)

    W6NIB, Screwdriver  7-12-2013 010 .jpg W6NIB, Screwdriver  7-12-2013 007 .jpg W6NIB, Screwdriver  7-12-2013 009 .jpg W6NIB, Screwdriver  7-12-2013 008 .jpg W6NIB, Screwdriver  7-12-2013 006.jpg
  2. K7NIB

    K7NIB Ham Member QRZ Page

    NOTE: This HS-1000 HF all-band screwdriver antenna was sold at full price this morning, pending receipt of funds. I thank you all for your strong, purchasing-related interest. 73, Ken/W6NIB.
  3. K7NIB

    K7NIB Ham Member QRZ Page

    QRZ.COM, funds have now been received for this HS-1000 antenna. Item has been sold. Please discontinue this thread. Thank you. Ken Taylor, W6NIB
  4. QRZ
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