HamRadioNow: California Dreamin' - The TWIT Tour, Leo Laporte Interview, and more

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by KN4AQ, Nov 18, 2012.

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    Episode 32: California Dreamin' –
    Stuff, California, TWiT, and Leo W6TWT
    <small>So much 'Stuff' this episode comes in two parts.

    Part One: Jeff AC4ZO returns to
    HamRadioNow, but can't keep Gary KN4AQ on track as he
    rambles on about his trip to Atlanta where he saw the Coke Museum, Georgia Aquarium,
    and took a Segway tour. That's the "stuff". In California, we see several iconic Silicone Valley
    signs, which lead us to Xerox PARC and Stanford University for some history of the
    personal computer, and finally a tour of W6YX, the little radio club at Stanford.

    <small>Part Two: </small>We head north from Silicone Valley, up to the quaint town of Petaluma, home of the
    TWiT Studios and Ham Nation. Gary gets an extensive tour of (and below) the studios and all
    the technology that keeps it humming from Studio Manager John Slanina (aka JammerB).

    And finally, Gary's interview with Chief TWiT Leo Laporte W6TWT. Leo reveals the real
    reason he got a ham license, and what he plans to do with it.

    Watch these episodes at our web site, www.HamRadioNow.tv.

    to support these programs, visit
    and 'click the piggy bank'
Thread Status:
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