Ham Talk Live! Episode 153 - Ham Radio Dating Stories Wanted!

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by WB9VPG, Feb 13, 2019.

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  1. WB9VPG

    WB9VPG XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Since this week's episode lands on Valentine's Day, we have a special show planned! It's OPEN LINES... and we want to hear your ham radio dating stories!!! It can be good or bad.... but let's hear them! We already have 3 couples committed to calling in. So join us on Thursday at 9 pm EST at hamtalklive.com, and call in with your stories!

    Tune into Ham Talk Live! Thursday night at 9 pm EST (Friday 0200Z) by going to hamtalklive.com. When the audio player indicates LIVE, just hit the play button!

    If you miss the show live, you can listen on demand anytime also at hamtalklive.com; or a podcast version is on nearly all podcast sites a few minutes after the live show is over. Some sites include Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Google Play, SoundCloud, and iHeart Podcasts; and it's also available on YouTube. A replay is also broadcast on WTWW 5085 AM on Saturday nights at approximately 6:30 pm Eastern.

    Be sure to CALL in with your questions and comments by calling 812-NET-HAM-1 live during the call-in segment of the show. You can also tweet your questions before or during the show to @HamTalkLive.

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  2. W8AAZ

    W8AAZ Ham Member QRZ Page

    I am sure there are lots but I personally don't know of any that ended well. Have read of those that did.
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  3. AA4MB

    AA4MB Ham Member QRZ Page

    I would like to hear about all four (4) of these.
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  4. WB9VPG

    WB9VPG XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    LOL there were more than that just on last night's show! We ran out of time!
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  5. K9GLS

    K9GLS Ham Member QRZ Page

    My wife told me either the radios go or she goes. I do miss her from time to time.
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  6. W4HM

    W4HM XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    I had long been a ham when I married my second YL. I told her up front that she had no say so over the amateur radio hobby, whether it be what I bought for my radio shack and antennas I built and hung outside.

    But I did agree to give her the same leeway concerning her animal interests.

    It's been 22 years and everything is still fine.
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  7. K7IN

    K7IN Ham Member QRZ Page

    I went to the Ham Radio Outlet store in San Diego during my lunch hour one day to check out the radios and see my friends who worked there. As I came in, there was a young lady with a sweet smile and long brown hair talking with the clerk about her 2m radio in her car. The clerk said they didn't work on radios installed in cars but, I was eavesdropping on their conversation. When he said he couldn't help, I offered to check it out and see what I could advise her to do. She said her name was Peggy and was happy to accept my offer to help. It was a simple wiring error that tool all of a couple of minutes to fix. We spent the rest of my lunch hour talking and this delightful lady said she had just moved back to San Diego which is where she grew up and was starting over after recently being divorced.

    We exchanged our cards and went on our way but, I was completely captivated with everything about her. I asked her to have dinner with me and she accepted. At dinner we got to hear each others' stories and found we had quite a lot in common include ham radio as a hobby. That dinner date went well into the wee hours of Saturday morning and was the most fun I have had in many years. We spent a lot of time together including volunteering to work at the (then) Miramar Blue Angels Air Shop which we did the following Saturday. It was an all-day volunteer job and we were totally spent by the end of the day.

    Over the next few months, we fell in love and were married on October 3rd. This was 1991. We moved to Reno, NV. in '96 where we still live but, are together now after what was 27 years, last October. Peggy is no longer active with ham radio as she lost her hearing and interest. I am not as active as I once was but, we have had a great life together and love the fact that it was ham radio and some divine providence that brought us together. I hope we have a lot more together! Paul Cavnar, K7IN and Peggy, N7MTL
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  8. M0MNG

    M0MNG Ham Member QRZ Page

    Sorry that I'm a bit late with this one!

    In the summer of 2010, I proposed to my childhood sweetheart and we set a date for our marriage in July 2012. Before 2010 had finished she had dumped me without any warning or explanation.

    When July 2012 came around, I was single, lonely, lovesick and not looking forward to the actual day when I should have been getting married. I didn't really feel like going anywhere or doing anything but I realized that I needed to "force myself" and not just stay at home feeling miserable all the time.

    I have always loved Special Event Stations, and since I got my licence in 2009 I had always visited GB2WFB (Worthing Fire Brigade) which takes place every July. I figured that doing a bit of operating and having fun at the event might take my mind off things.

    One of the other operators was going out with a lady, and he introduced me to his girlfriend. I had never seen her before in my life but there was instant attraction between us, and very soon afterwards she decided to leave him and go out with me instead. It turned out that the relationship she left was coming to an end anyway.

    It would not entirely surprise me if one of the reasons he was keen to introduce us (other than to cheer me up!) was because he thought that things might turn out that way...

    Anyway we got engaged on Christmas Day 2012, moved in together in 2013, got married in 2014 and we are very much in love almost 4.5 years later.

    She talks about getting an amateur licence one day. It might happen; she always gets excited when I manage to receive a SSTV picture on 145.8MHz! We are very accommodating of each others' hobbies which means I still appear on almost every Special Event Station in my local area!

    It is very unlikely that we would have met each other just walking down the street, and amateur radio had brought me to the event where we met. So although she is not (yet?) a licensed ham, amateur radio did bring us together. Sort of.

    Have a great weekend everybody
    73 and God bless,

    Ed M0MNG.
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  9. KB6QXM

    KB6QXM Ham Member QRZ Page

    Missed this post, so I missed this show. 2 of my most wonderful relationships were with ladies that became hams. One became a coded general and my present YL is a non-coded General. They may not have the same level of interest that I have, but appreciates the hobby. For instance when HRO was closing their Silicon Valley location, my YL came and did a video tribute on how much that location met to her as it had foundational bonding to the "store elmers". My YL participates in field day every year. She is the food captain and people from clubs miles away come to enjoy the feast.

    The good news is that my YL and future XYL will appreciate the purchase of a new QTH that has the land to put up the towers and antennas in my retirement from the Silicon Valley.
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  10. NN2X

    NN2X Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    I met my wife indirectly through Ham radio...That is sort of cool! I was having a QSO with CN8ST ,Tarrick, while I was in Florida, using a modest 2 element mono bander (Quad) for 10 meters. Tarrick asked me what I do for a living, I said, I design and sell satellite teleports for a living, He said come over. I did, and the person who translated, and help structure the deal was my future wife!

    Faith (Wife) is from a predominant family in CN8 land, (Morocco), if you go to my QRZ page, you will see what a typical Moroccan looks like.

    I say the heck with Eharmony! Try Ham radio to seek your future XYL (Wife)

    We have a son (Adam) as well)

    Tom , NN2X
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