Ham Talk Live! Episode 123 - Live from WRTC 2018 in Germany

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by WB9VPG, Jul 8, 2018.

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  1. WB9VPG

    WB9VPG XML Subscriber QRZ Page


    Thursday at 8 am Eastern (July 12, 1200Z) on Ham Talk Live!, Ed Durrant, DD5LP will be our link to the World Radiosport Team Championship in Wittenberg, Germany! Ed will have both organizers and competitors on the air as they arrive at the HQ hotel just prior to the opening ceremonies! And YOU can call in to ask YOUR questions live!

    Once again we will have one of our summer prize giveaways to one lucky caller to the show thanks to Radiowavz antennas and Heil Sound.

    Tune into Ham Talk Live! Thursday MORNING at 8am Eastern time (1200Z) by going to hamtalklive.com. When the audio player indicates LIVE, just hit the play button!

    If you miss the show live, you can listen on demand anytime also at hamtalklive.com; or a podcast version is on nearly all podcast sites a few minutes after the live show is over. Some sites include Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Google Play, SoundCloud, and iHeart Podcasts; and it's also available on YouTube.

    Be sure to CALL in with your questions and comments by calling 812-NET-HAM-1 live during the show, or by Skype. Our username is hamtalklive. You can also tweet your questions before or during the show to @HamTalkLive.

    wrtc2018.jpg WRTC1.jpg wrtc2.jpg
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  2. MARRS

    MARRS QRZ Member

    Ham Talk Live is very interseting, I will watch it on time.
  3. W0PV

    W0PV Ham Member QRZ Page

    WRTC 2018 Closing ceremony live feed video is available now here,

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  4. NN3W

    NN3W Ham Member QRZ Page

    Good to watch this on video - different perspective from actually being there!
  5. DL6BCX

    DL6BCX Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    WRTC 2018 was for me a huge event, it was 600 kilometers away from my home, i worked there as volunteer (my VOTA nr is DL-226), only as a simple working bee but felt happy to keep the generator running, building up the tent, make the driving for the competitors and the referree etc etc etc. On my site we had an american team from Oregon, the behaviour of the american guys could not be better, they were the best ambassadors a country can send to Europe, and as referee there was YU1LA (an excellent man!!!). Many stories could be told e.g. in the night when i was guarding the equipment i felt down over a sleeping rabbit, saw two foxes who tried to open the door o fthe camping toilet, and a lot of bambis (what is the correct word for that?) in the morning hours. I will never forget that event!!! By the way... the next WRTC is 2022 in Italy, area Emilia Romana, the HQ hotel will be inBologna.
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  6. NN3W

    NN3W Ham Member QRZ Page

    I was impressed by the huge effort of all the DL hams who showed up to volunteer for WRTC 2018. Many slept in campers and tents for the better part of a week to serve as site leaders and site crew people. It was pretty hot on certain days and rather rainy on one day (Wednesday). I certainly appreciated the efforts of the site team at my side (HLZ-2) who kept us fed, caffeinated, and in good spirits. The team for which I was a referee (OR2F and ON5KA) appreciated it as well.

    Well done DARC, BCC, and the amateur community in DL as a whole.
  7. K3RLD

    K3RLD Ham Member QRZ Page

    Fawns. But lots of people call them "Bambis" here, too.
  8. DL6BCX

    DL6BCX Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    Thank you for the solution, regret but i am not a native speaker.
  9. MARRS

    MARRS QRZ Member

    I certainly appreciated the efforts of the site team at my side (HLZ-2) who kept us fed, caffeinated, and in good spirits.

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