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Google map of FCC monitoring stations

Discussion in 'Discussions, Opinions & Editorials' started by KC2DWQ, Mar 19, 2009.

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  1. KC2DWQ

    KC2DWQ Ham Member QRZ Page

    I decided to make a google map tonight out of a combination of boredom and questions from a friend about to take a ham test on saturday relating to the FCC monitoring stations.

    Basically we didnt know where they were, so we decided to look and found them, and I converted them into a google map along with a radius of 1600 meters (1 mile give or take) so that people can better know where slightly different rules may apply to the operation of a radio transmitter.

    There are 14 such stations listed in 47 CFR 0.121(b), and the FCC is nice enough to provide GPS coordinates for them making my task a whole lot easier.

    Give it a whirl
    (its really boring)
  2. N8CPA

    N8CPA Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    Take it a step farther.

    Look at those coordinates in Google Earth. You see the radial fields better than the antennas themselves.
  3. KC2DWQ

    KC2DWQ Ham Member QRZ Page

    I looked at the one in livermore, CA using the "satellite" mode and yeah they are clearly visible. I also did a 1600m from the center point not the ring that has been established.

    What would make this better is for people to take pictures (if allowed, it should be though) which can be linked in the info bubble that pops up when you click on a point :)
  4. AC0H

    AC0H Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    You can see the feedline trench from the antenna(s) to the shack in the Grand Island satellite view.

    That's my dream, to have a station where you can see the antenna ranch from space.
  5. KY5U

    KY5U Subscriber QRZ Page

    I live in a restricted neighborhood. You can't see my antenna if you're looking for it.

    You can see my KY5U Goat Farm from space.....
  6. N8CPA

    N8CPA Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    Suspicions confirmed!

    A goat farm in a restricted neighborhood? You DO live in a nanny state!
  7. KB1NXE

    KB1NXE Platinum Subscriber Platinum Subscriber QRZ Page

    Look suspiciously like the Wollenweber arrays (Elephant Cages) the Military and NSA used throughout the world at one time. I remember the one in Augsburg, Germany. Huge concentric curtain arrays, each comprised of hundreds if not thousands of individual dipoles. A computer system and banks of receivers could triangulate the signal to determine the source location very precisely. Never mind the eaves dropping of the actual conversation. I believe most are gone now.
  8. K8ERV

    K8ERV Ham Member QRZ Page

    Neat, I thot the FCC had closed their monitoring stations. Tnx for the info.

    TOM K8ERV Montrose Colo
  9. N8CPA

    N8CPA Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    But if you look where they were located, you can still see their footprints.
    Look outside of Bondville Il, for example, N40 02 58 W88 22 51.
  10. N8YX

    N8YX Ham Member QRZ Page

    AFAIK, the Allegan, MI facility is closed. One of my Drake R7s came from the facility...I have purchase, warranty and upgrade paperwork signed by the early 80's Station Chief.

    This particular R7 has a BNC antenna input and a 50KHz IF Out connector on its rear banel...all "factory Drake". This so the rig could be used in conjunction with a 'scope for waveform inspection. I recently got hold of another of these receivers; no idea which station it came from...
  11. K8MHZ

    K8MHZ Ham Member QRZ Page

    The one in Allegan, MI (Dunningville) has been closed down for quite a while. I used to go there to get scanner frequencies. The Dunningville monitoring facility is where W2DU used to work. I always thought it was strange that the facility was on the same road a truck stop selling illegal radios was.

    I miss being able to go there. They had acres of antennas and some really cool equipment.
  12. K2QI

    K2QI Ham Member QRZ Page

    Cool resource, thanks for the link!
  13. WB1HJS

    WB1HJS Ham Member QRZ Page

    Wow, cool!! Do any of them actually do anything, like contribute to enforcing the laws on the books, or do they just sit there burning tax dollars?
  14. W7CI

    W7CI Ham Member QRZ Page


    After reviewing this thread, I must inform you that all of the sites (except MD) have been deactivated for some years. The only fixed site monitoring function is that performed on-site in MD. Any field monitoring functions are performed with remote "Receiver Pods" located within an area of monitoring interest and remotely controled from the main site in MD.

    The Douglas, AZ site was deactivated over 12 years ago and the site personnel distributed within the civil service system to other jobs in the FCC, C/E work at FT. Huachuca and many others retired.

    Steve sends,
  15. KC2DWQ

    KC2DWQ Ham Member QRZ Page

    Its still listed as protected, and the way that the statutes are written closed does not matter :/ They have a list of protected facilities and if you are within 1600 meters of that list you have slightly different rules apply.

    The last amendment to that list was when the Kenai Alaska facility went online (that I could find anyway).
  16. KB7GL

    KB7GL Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    As I recall, the Ferndale, WA station closed back in the 1990s. We used to drop-in for a chat & coffee when visiting our VORTAC facility located nearby. There was an amazing collection of rhombics and other wire arrays, scattered over a wide area. You could have done some serious DX from there.
  17. W8NGA

    W8NGA Ham Member QRZ Page

    Years ago, there used to be a monitoring station in or near Chillicothe, Ohio. Guess that they must have closed it down. I would like to hear from someone that may know where this station was located as I am not that far away. I would be interested to see what the place looks like today and would be happy to post some pictures.

    Greg W8NGA
  18. W9VER

    W9VER Ham Member QRZ Page

    Monitoring stations are OBSOLETE, I like the ideal of installing pods where the interest is and analyzing the data elsewhere.

    The "ATF" of the FCC!
  19. KC2DWQ

    KC2DWQ Ham Member QRZ Page

    But the law concerning limited transmission rules still applies even if the station is closed down. As long as the law is on the books it has to be followed to stay legal. As long as the list of stations contains those *locations* the law says that if you are within 1600 meters (just under 1 mile) then you have to "protect that facility from harmful interference" (47 CFR 97.13(b)). So it does not matter if they are active or not it does not matter if they are obsolete or not, the law is still there.
  20. W7CI

    W7CI Ham Member QRZ Page

    Yes, the fixed monitoring site is located at Laurel, MD. Very little time is expended in the monitoring of the ham bands because of demand for domestic commercial, homeland security and FBI surveylance performed on a tasked/requested basis. Any surveylance conducted within the ham bands are primarly on a case-by-case basis.
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