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Discussion in 'Homebrew and Kit Projects' started by VK4FFAB, Apr 13, 2017.

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  1. VK4FFAB

    VK4FFAB Subscriber QRZ Page

    We all have them, favorite circuits we grab when building a new project. Why reinvent the wheel every time if you don't have to. So I slapped a few of mine on the one circuit board and set it off to get made in China.

    I got a few things wrong in my layout, i am no pcb designer expert. But a few footprints really needed moving, but nothing I could not fix with a dremel and bending things with the tongue at the right angle to make it fit. I have fixed them in my layout if and when I decide to get another batch made.

    On the board we have Si5351a VFO, AF Amp and Tx Rx switching. The boards are designed to stack with double height headers. The 4 sets of headers are to route power, signals from the Micro Controller and and the like between boards, with major connections done with SMA patch leads. Eventually this will end up as a 3 band 2 to 5w CW transceiver with DC Rx and active AF filtering. It should all fit on 5 boards.

    And because you get 10 of each board for $5 I have enough boards to build different rigs :) I have learned a lot getting these boards made. Now to make some radios.


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  2. OH2FFY

    OH2FFY Ham Member QRZ Page

    Nice ++++

    gregW:) OH2FFY
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  3. KV4PD

    KV4PD Ham Member QRZ Page

    Excellent idea!

    Chad KV4PD
  4. N1OOQ

    N1OOQ Ham Member QRZ Page

    Name names! Who are these cheap board vendors?
  5. VK4FFAB

    VK4FFAB Subscriber QRZ Page

  6. KD8DEY

    KD8DEY Subscriber QRZ Page

    I did a google search.
    Aparently they give you $50 credit on your next purchase for a positive review.
    also people have been paying for express service (24 hr delivery) and when it doesnt happen
    they dont refund the additional fee paid for the service even if it took 3 days to get the 24 hr package...
    One site I went to stopped accepting reviews for PCBWay...
  7. W6KCS

    W6KCS Ham Member QRZ Page

    Nice project! Are the vias on the 7805 for heat dissipation to a plane on the back? That seems like a great idea, especially if you fill the holes with solder. I might borrow that idea if you don't mind.

    I've never tried PCBway but I've used Itead for about a year and a half, no problems at all and good customer service. Been thinking of trying seeedstudio too just for fun.

    It's strange how PCBway's DHL shipping costs more than it does from Itead. My Itead orders are around $18 shipping, and I get them the day after they are shipped (unless it falls on a weekend). DHL with PCBway is a few dollars more for some reason. I tried the $4 "China Post" shipping once, it took about a week and a half instead of two days, but it did get to me. It was supposed to be "Air Mail", but it probably spent some time on a junk with crates of ducks and chickens.
  8. VK4FFAB

    VK4FFAB Subscriber QRZ Page

    Yeah the vias are to soak heat to the other ground plane. Seeedstudio are a little slower than PCBWay had friends use them, I have also used DirtyPCB. Have not used Itead. There are a bunch of them that are all very similar in price and service. Shipping prices are like voodoo LOL, who knows where the numbers come from. :)
  9. N1OOQ

    N1OOQ Ham Member QRZ Page

    I must admit, this thread has me thinking about what circuits I would immortalize in PCB etch. I tend to go with discretes, so maybe a one-transistor amp, a diode mixer, a filter, an oscillator...?

    Again, this level of cheapness opens up possibilities... a multi band RX, where each band is covered by a complete front end of its own, for instance. Even a different IF for each, to avoid spurs.
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  10. VK4FFAB

    VK4FFAB Subscriber QRZ Page

    Also really good for club / group projects. Shared costs would be like buying a cup of coffee.
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