Discussion in 'Ham to Ham References' started by W4EY, Aug 3, 2007.

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  1. W4EY

    W4EY Ham Member QRZ Page

    Update---Ebay and PayPal have basically refused to take any action on this Fraud.

    Today, I processed an investigaton with the Maryland Consumer Protection Agency: Case Nr: 137179 and Consumer Fraud at the Federal Trade Commission.

    BEWARE of ebay seller giddieup409

    I left him NEGATIVE feedback. In return he left me NEGATIVE feedback. He had no reason except I was trying to get him to make this purchase "GOOD".

    If anyone knows another path I can follow, Please let me know. I am a Disabled Veteran and hate to think that I almost gave my life for this AH.
  2. W4EY

    W4EY Ham Member QRZ Page

    Beware..Beware.. Ebay Seller giddieup409 is a FRAUD. BEWARE...Check his FEEDBACK.

    I want to report a Internet Fraud that is being allowed by an online eBay auction program. My issue is that an item I purchased through PayPal for immediate payment to get the eBay buyer protection for purchases. However, I believe that the seller was aware that this item was BURNED, not working and did not offer the buyer protection on his auction. Although eBay provides a dispute center for buyers that receive items that were not what the seller described in his auction. I have process my dispute through eBay and PayPal and basically being ignored. Upon receipt of the item, it was apparent that it was excessively damaged and burned inside the case. I immediately emailed pictures of the damage and burned components. The seller continued to use the excuse that the burned items were the result of the shipper dropping the item. Anyone with any common electronic knowledge would know that burned items are not the result of the shipper dropping this item. The burned
    components were so extensive, the box, packing and possibly the delivery truck would have caught on fire. There was no evidence of any type of burning in the shipped box. The burned items are a result of the seller being dishonest with the buyers. He committed a FRAUD. I state this because, he was aware this was a burned, not working item but continued to advertise it with the following description. "KENWOOD TL-922 HAM LINEAR, SPECS: 2/3-500 TUBES AT FULL OUTPUT, NEW TUBES HAVE RECEIT, COVERS 10-160 METERS, 2K+@240 VAC, VERY NICE AMP NO DISSAPOINTMENTS"
    The internal electronic components were burned beyond repair. In addition, there were components that indicated that they had been burned previously.
    I am a disabled Maryland Veteran who takes life as it is. My fighting days are over. However, I feel that something must be done about this Internet Auction seller to prevent him from impacting other senior citizen buyers.
  3. K9XR

    K9XR Ham Member QRZ Page

    If you paid for this with a credit card (other than a pay pal credit card), you might try to file a claim with them. Ebay and pay pal have become weighted toward the sellers since they have merged. Good Luck.
  4. W2RDT

    W2RDT Ham Member QRZ Page

    Your first mistake was using e-bay.
    It has become a haven for stories like yours.
    e-bay supports their sellers, they know a buyer is for the
    most part, a time user, whereas sellers keep th flow
    of cash coming in.
    I think people have to re-think e-bay.
    people strive to get the most money they can
    for items not of decent or working condition.
    its a shame e-bay acts as they do. Its almost
    like they are above any decency and respect towards
    their buyers.
    Just my opinion, I will stick with
  5. N4ZTA

    N4ZTA Ham Member QRZ Page

    I have been buying and selling on Ebay for over 4 years, and only had a couple of problems. You have just as much chance getting burned on a forum- one of my first Internet deals was on over 10 years ago. I traded a mint shape HT1000 for a Saber 1E that was supposed to be in mint shape- it was a busted POS. I learned very quick to do your own homework. A simple phone call and search and verification of feedback is a good start.

    With Ebay and Paypal, you have to understand the rules, both as a buyer and seller. Paypal will go to bat for you as a buyer, I know- but you have to play the game. I bought and paid for a Dell laptop I intended on using for Linux. Seller ships it in one of those flat rate USPS boxes with a single layer of bubble wrap, it arrives with a cracked screen and broken keyboard (clearly advertised as working). Contacted seller, he acted sympathetic, asks for pics (I send them), asks me to send it back (I did, at my own expense, with tracking- he gets it). Then seller accuses me of "tampering with it" but refuses to advise how, and claims I might have "broken the screen myself". I had the unit in my hands for all of 1/2 hour- I advise him that he already has my money AND the merchandise, it was poorly packed as evidenced by the photos, I sent it back per his instructions, and he either needed to send out another machine packed properly or refund my money or face a claim with Paypal. He says he'll "take his chances with Ebay and Paypal". I file a dispute, state what happen, and escalate it to a claim. It took two weeks of waiting but Paypal ruled in my favor, and credited 100 percent of the money to me.

    Always look for "Paypal Buyer Protection" in the auction, there are two levels- basic and enhanced. Basic covers buyers up to $200.00, whereas enhanced covers it up to $2000 US. Always check the sellers' feedback, do more than read the comments, contact buyers of similar items and ask questions if it is a high dollar item. Request seller contact information and call the seller. Just as with this board or any online forum, any legit seller won't have an issue with this. I don't and welcome it. In the end it is up to the buyer to do his/her own research on the seller and the item- Ebay is no different.

    Paypal is a necessary evil of online business. But IF you play by their rules, use a credit card to fund your account, you at least have excellent chances of recovery of loss. Send a check or money order and you have pretty much zero chance of getting anything back from anyone. Been there done that.

    Bottom line any trading online is "caveat emptor". Do your homework to avoid being a victim.
  6. KM5FL

    KM5FL Ham Member QRZ Page

    I have been preaching this sermon for YEARS.. I have an ongoing issue with eBay proceedures concerning a feedback entry that dates back over 7 years.. I have never, ever sold anything on eBay, yet eBay refuses to remove a feedback entry that refers to something I sold..

    Like you, I will absolutely do without an item if it's available only thru eBay.. At the very least, they have bad business practices, and their policies support and promote fraud..

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

  7. N7ANL

    N7ANL Ham Member QRZ Page

    Thanks Russ.
    Someone HAS to say it again and again until people actually comprehend and understand the "ebay mentality" here.
    Ebay is for sellers. Buyers beware !!
    If you get screwed, there is no recourse, with rare exceptions like when paypal backs up the fraudsters' failure to refund. And this is a rare exception, paypal does NOT always back your purchase up !
    Wouldn't it be INTERESTING to see a full breakdown of:
    ~ Fraud complaints against Ebay itself,
    ~ Scammers using Ebay, once and repeatedly,
    ~ Buyers thoroughly Dis-satisfied,
    ~ Buyers NOT refunded by the Seller and thus stuck with a piece of useless junk,
    ~ Buyers NOT refunded by the Seller, AFTER returning the not-good item to the seller, thus being out their MONEY & ITEM,
    ~ Buyers NOT refunded by PayPal when they should have been,
    ~ and no doubt more...
    Back to the "refund protection" by paypal, look at the logic of that situation. The seller scams you by sending you an item that does not meet his/her advertised specs, or is packed wrong & gets damaged, or the seller is a known fraudster to begin with. So ONLY if you use Paypal's special rebate program, or your own credit card company's "protection racket" program, AND play their game requirements "just so", is there a "chance" you might you see your money back.
    Bottom line: If the seller is a scammer, poor shipper or simply did not check out his/her product before sending it to you, your ONLY hope is a backup program rather than having Ebay actually come back on the seller. And the seller is so SHIELDED by Ebay BY DESIGN, he/she knows they need not be responsible to anyone. You are VERY unlikely to ever actually know who the seller is or how to call them in many cases. Thus little to no accountability.
    So I would your recommendation a few steps further:
    DUMP Ebay from your life, and give them a bad rap whenever they deserve it. Be loud and repetitious about it. Blame Ebay as a system "by design", and those sellers who use Ebay who happen to also be fraudsters.
    And last?
    KEEP ALL Ebay transactions off ALL of the ham swap pages. Ebay is a commercial enterprise, albeit a "intermediary broker" business, and while there's nothing wrong with commercial sellers of equipment in general, THESE SWAP ADS are for non-commercial purposes, as stated in QRZ's rules, Eham's rules, and soon I hope, QTH's rules.
    Even the mere posting of a "referral to" an Ebay ad (even by a legitimate ham seller), using these Ham Swap page ads to post their "free Ebay advertising", begins to taste pretty bad once you've been scammed by the great Ebay god.
    (Yes I know there are a majority of Ebay sellers who are honest and fair. But the design of Ebay is a "blind auction format" where the seller is god, and the buyer is "lucky at best", with odds of winning big a lot like Las Vegas. This comment is not directed at honest people and properly handled purchases.)
  8. N7ANL

    N7ANL Ham Member QRZ Page

    Response to the numbereed paragraphs:
    -(1)- Yes, do your homework.
    When buying from a HAM SWAP PAGE (QRZ, Eham, QTH, etc.) you get the sellers callsign (thus name & address), and you can ask for their phone number. Ask to call them at a convenient time for them. Ask your questions wisely, and judge from talking to the seller whether you are comfortable with them. If so, buy the equipment. Generally, a story with a good ending will almost always result...
    Homework on an EBAY ad?
    Well, you can research what the item is and its approx. value. But can you research the seller? DESPITE the play-up of "check my Ebay ratings & Comments", I say its often a lot of hype. What's the sellers real name, address and phone number? Can you call them directly? If so, maybe you have a chance. But if the seller uses the "blind auction format" to hide their shiftiness, then watch out !
    -(2)- All those hoops to jump through to c-y-a.
    OMG, And ALL the time and energy you use to:
    ~ "bid on with a slim chance of winning the item",
    ~ takes a week or two to go through all that,
    ~ IF you finally win the auction, use a credit card or paypal to pay for it, plus utilizing the Special Protection schemes just in case,
    ~ and if you aren't happy with the equipment or this particular purchase, going through all that hassle to get any sort of satisfaction?,
    Look how much trouble this has all become. At best, a bureaucratic nightmare with unknown results.
    -(3)- System upon system upon system, to protect the basic transaction. Wow, what a hassle. And who actually pays your refund when it is a scammer deal? (I mean, who pays -- in the end...)
    -(4)- Well, of course it's "caveat emptor".
    To which I would add to the ENTIRE Ebay/Paypal/Scammer process:
    ~ Good luck on that...
    I think its FAR safer, quicker, less painful and more honest to simply use the ham swap pages to buy and sell our equipment, and where we can at least try our best to uphold the ham community and a basic honor system, where you know who you are dealing with, and you have some good hopes of recourse just in case something goes awry.
    Ebay? Don't waste my time with a poorly designed system where the buyers can be "worked by scammers" and the dishonest, and you consider yourself lucky if ANY part of the system might bail you out.
  9. W4EY

    W4EY Ham Member QRZ Page

    BEWARE..BEWARE...Ebay Fraudulent seller

    Steve Rigsbee
    Chapel Hill, NC.

    Has just burned three other buyers. Buyers must not be reading his feedback rating. OR they do not understand how to read the feedback. I have learned a LESSON after he burned me.


    HIS EBAY NAME IS giddieup409

    He has been using PROFANITY in his email responsed to the buyers when they ask him questions.


    Ebay and PayPal will not do anything about this seller who is committing FRAUD.

    Some of the items he is selling are modified to operate on 10 meters and are being sold to non-licensed amateurs.

    Any suggestions on how to contact the FCC..

  10. W9TAD

    W9TAD Ham Member QRZ Page

    Check out my posting about leaving ebay and look to go to qrz qth eham and now soon Craigslist
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