FT-450D + SCU-17 + HRD/DM780 ---> Digital mode / CW Config

Discussion in 'Ham Radio Deluxe - HRD' started by PT7ZZ, Jul 8, 2016.

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  1. PT7ZZ

    PT7ZZ Ham Member QRZ Page

    Hello fellows,

    I just bought an FT-450D and SCU-17, i love the radio, however, even though i have it connected to the HRD (CAT working ok ), still can not set it to digital modes and CW through the DM780.

    Use the windows 10 and ports are Com4 (enhanced) and Com3 (standard).

    Do i have to change something on the radio menu or just DM780?

    If someone can share the complete configuration ( step by step ), would be extremely grateful.

    BTW, i try to find something here, at the topics, with no luck.

    Best 73

    de PT7ZZ, Andre
  2. EA3HWE

    EA3HWE Ham Member QRZ Page

    My english not is very good, but im think that are possible to explain it.

    In the Yaesu go to menu CAT RTS and select Enable, CAT TOT select 1000 or 3000, CATRATE im have 38400 and works fine, and D TYPE are selected RTTY.

    The other menus not afected at digital modes.

    Remenber always that the Com4 (enhanced) are for CAT control and the Com3 (standard) are for the PTT control.

    In DM780 need to go to options, tools and in input device select USB soundcard, for output select use input device.

    In the PTT screen select Via HAM Radio Deluxe tickness.

    Im think that not need config more options (sorry not have my pc in front).

    For transmit in digital modes select in DM780 or in HRD the USER-U for bands 30m to 6m and USER-L for bands 160-80-40m.

    For transmit in CW select MCW, its a CW generated by a sound card.

    Has a recomendation select the max power in 35w, the Yaesu put very hot with long QSO.

    Much luck and 73.

  3. W7BSK

    W7BSK Ham Member QRZ Page

    I'm in the exact same situation. Have just installed the trial version of HRD, have new computer with Win 10 x64, SCU-17 unit and FT-450D. I've been trouble shooting this with the free HRD version for a few weeks. Can get everything set except tx; I get close, but something is amiss. I typically get a: overwhelming tone on tx, or b: can't monitor/hear anything at all when sending a cw message although the qso window shows the message being transmitted but am not sure I'm getting out. I try the signal detection feature, but no joy so far. I'm trying to do all due diligence before querying HRD tech support. I've tried EA3HWE's advice and it is helpful, but still no confirmation that it's working.
    I'd appreciate any advice as well!
    Hoss KG7RXE
  4. KC2NEO

    KC2NEO Ham Member QRZ Page

    That overwhelming tone is the audio out of the SCU-17 which is going to your speaker instead of the radio. You need to set the audio of the computer such that the computer sounds go though the speaker but the SCU-17 audio goes into the HRD line.

    Look under Soundcard, Options and make sure the devices are USB Audio CODEC and not Hi Def Audio. Hope that helps.
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  5. W7BSK

    W7BSK Ham Member QRZ Page

    Thanks, that does help. There are two 3.5mm jacks, one PTT/FSK labeled 'transceiver' below, and the second is Audio IN/OUT. I had the PTT/FSK going to the external speaker jack on the rig (obvious now that that's not right). To clarify, this should go to the computer 3.5mm jack? The sound card is set to usb audio codec for both in and out, and the SCU-17 literature (it's hardly a manual) says the usb connection is the only one required between the computer and the SCU-17. At one point I transmitted FSK without the 3.5mm cable, and it makes me wonder if/when it's properly set up, I shouldn't use this cable. Any ideas about this?

    I'm finding that the CAT Com usb settings are fickle at least, and somehow are volatile and not robust over time. I did reset all the interface, then restart HRD and it basically worked and was able to tx/rx CW but not RTTY or PSK. Since I am only looking for rx/tx of digital and cw modes and not logging or contesting, etc. I may just scuttle the HRD and look for more limited software. Any suggestions?

    I've tried Fldigi and it has problems maintaining com/port set ups as well, so I'm moving on to HamScope, Digipan, MultiPSK.

    Another option is looking for a purpose built unit for digital/cw that is not software/computer based, as in an older style terminal node that is much simpler and hardier in the field than a laptop. I think MFJ makes something like this, but if anyone has a recommendation, a homebrew schematic, or any other advice, it would be much appreciated.
    Thanks again,
    Last edited: Oct 7, 2016
  6. EA3HWE

    EA3HWE Ham Member QRZ Page

    Hello W7BSK, sorry for the late response, but not check this post.

    To connect the FT450 to SCU 17 u need a 6 pin minidin from DATA connector on the FT450 to SCU17, its the easiest mode.

    The jacks are for other no Yaesu radios (but works fine with any radio, im have connected a FT857D at the same time that a FT450D) if u decide to use the jacks the schematics as a follows:

    PTT/FSK jack:

    Tip = PTT, Ring = FSK, Sleeve = GND

    Audio jack:

    Tip = Audio in , Ring = Audio out, Sleeve = GND

    With the computer only need to connect the USB , no more cables.

    The SCU 17 as a USB external sound card and CAT control in the same equipment, when u install in the computer u find 2 virtual USB ports, one marked as a "standar", its used for PTT and cat control, and other marked as a "enhanced" this port are used for audio in and audio out.

    Best regards.

  7. W7BSK

    W7BSK Ham Member QRZ Page

    Well at this time I've got it working now with multiple programs, and it's pretty reliable. I think over time and developing familiarity with finding and selecting settings for audio, PTT, CAT control, etc. I've worked out the kinks. Also, being able to go to device manager in Windows and to select to view hidden devices, I can see everything that has been plugged into a USB port; and I think I deleted a bunch and plugged in my transceiver related devices to see exactly how they were organized and assigned numbers. Also selected, in the advanced power options, to NOT suspend usb ports when not in use.

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