First Chinese HF rig out of the chute? And look at the list of features!

Discussion in 'Ham Radio Discussions' started by N7BUI, Nov 16, 2008.

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  1. N7BUI

    N7BUI Ham Member QRZ Page

    Amateur band:
    1.8 - 2.0
    3.5 - 4.1
    6.9 - 7.5
    13.9 - 14.5
    20.9 - 21.5
    28 - 30

    0.1 - 2.5
    2.5 - 4.0
    4.0 - 7.7
    7.5 - 14.5
    14.5 - 21.5
    21.5 - 30

    1st IF:43.6 MHZ
    2nd IF:9 MHZ
    FM 3rd IF:455KHz
    IF GAIN adjustment

    I have written them an email asking for further info and if there is a manual written in English. Price seems ok for a kit, but it's probably a glorified CB rig with a name like "Thunder" on the front panel. But the frequency range listed would cover all of HF. No real features listed. I'm sure Copper Electronics will have them shortly!
  2. KA4DPO

    KA4DPO Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    The ad says "will ship by EMS". Does that mean the paramedics will bring it to your house? I never heard of EMS so that just sounded kind of weird.

    The price isn't too bad but it sounds like you get bare circuit boards and a bunch of parts. Given the quantity of components and the fact that many of them are surface mount it might be a difficul job to put it together unless it comes with very detailed instructions and a good schematic. I would also question if the boards are marked and if so, are they marked in English. My Chinese is not too good.

    I also didn't see anything that looks like output transistors so I would ask what the power output is.
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  3. W7KKK

    W7KKK Ham Member QRZ Page

    No specs either~~~
    I see the store is located in Canada.
    I wonder if this thing is even type accepted by the FCC?:rolleyes:
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  4. AD5MB

    AD5MB Ham Member QRZ Page

    From another listing by tha same guy...


    Golden Dragon. You want take out or reservation? suport?

    Velly good. Thunder 2000 or...
  5. N7BUI

    N7BUI Ham Member QRZ Page

    And here is the creator of this kit.

    This is a translated page from Google so the English isn't particularly great.

    TH2000A the start (2007-02-28 09:16:22) Category: electricity had been addicted

    TH2000A is BD6RA design of the Amateur shortwave radio package.
    In doing this package, I do have a number of packages, including the four-band, DDS package, KN712, KN900, KD830. HAM also produced manually adjusted days, standing wave, and so on.
    BD6RA early four-band is designed package, about a 10-year history, is the separation of the basic things, a lot of cable, I can see faint. Other packages are the basic design of the past few years, the use of a double-sided PCB, SMD components and a lot of dedicated IC, the circuit has become a lot concise. You are all but designed with full consideration of HAM's ability to produce as much as possible to reduce debugging difficult to ensure the success rate of production of the package. I also for the DIY radio produced a good chassis.
    TH2000A is the whole set of short-wave radio frequency band of secondary packages. PCB board and many components, light on the coil in 45 weeks, I do a coil around the eyes are spent. At present, the production of the basic package has been finished, leaving a shortfall of several key components. Buji received, and other components after the commissioning of the power-on.
    According to the next a few photos to admire.
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  6. KB3PXR

    KB3PXR Ham Member QRZ Page

    EMS is a Chinese Shipping company, haven't heard any bad things about them. I tried googling and the only information I could find is that it was designed by a Chinese ham BD6RA. I put his call into QRZ, but found nothing. I put his call into google and only got Chinese results and Chinese results that showed up under English results. Also the pages I tried would not translate with Google. EDIT: This thread is moving fast more details have been posted above.
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  7. KA4DPO

    KA4DPO Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    I don't know about the radio but the boy has some hot Chinese babes tagged on his site...:D

    Who care about ladio???:p
  8. N7BUI

    N7BUI Ham Member QRZ Page

    And here is a technical support site

    Again translated by Google. But looking at the date of 10/15/2008 this radio seems to have a few issues.

    My three free repair SSB voice, there is the issue of power output

    As the saying goes, Liang Yi-cheng ill for a long time, Liang Yi can not say, however, have met three times this problem, SSB no voice, high-power output, but also gave a cure, some as much as the Wu.

    For the first time, in order to repair PA board, the PA from the board to iron out inside the box, installed after the bottom, the problem comes, a boot, no matter what mode as long as the firing, there is full power output. Jia. Because this is the first time to deal with such problems, not to gain the upper hand. Can not be judged in the end is contained in or omitted from the shock. This disconnect, disconnect it, toss nearly a week. Finally, the well-PA board to the box at the bottom of the recovery, the perfect shield, the problem could disappear naturally. For the first time there's no signal power output can be satisfactorily defined as: self-excited. PA board shield caused by the non-performing self-excited.
    Second, to the transformation machine FM SQL. After the transformation, there no matter what mode as long as the firing, appeared full power output. At that time, there is no doubt is related to SQL circuit. Toss very painful. Later, to almost gave up. FENGCHUILAI students came to my house, together rule out the possibility. Check out the problem is to launch FM module, as long as I have fired electricity, the release of a strong FM signal. No matter what mode, into a model of FM signal output. Would have thought it was local FM signal to control short-circuit, in order to find that the root of this copper-related areas off five times and finally found the new SQL circuit, I do not know why, once launched, charged 1.36V, leading to a power FM transmitter module. After the demolition, the fault disappeared.
    SSB signals without the second, firing, is defined as FM module was improper electricity, as long as the lead entering the state fired on the launch of full-power FM signal.

    Third, what happened yesterday. 7MLSB mode of times, there are about 10 watts of output signal. 2VR5 modulation balance adjustment variable resistor, the output power can be reduced to about 5 watts, but can not be resolved completely. 2VR5 the complete removal of output power or about 5 watts.

    LSB inspection mode BFO frequency signal. 8.99864, from the theory 140HZ difference. North Korea and is the center of the frequency offset, containing suspected leak triggered. Hard heart, in the original 10pf on the basis of the resonant capacitor, plus a 20pf capacitance, BFO frequency down to 8.99834, the test launch, set out to reduce leakage to about 0.5 watts. Met.
    Third, no signal, power output, defined as above, in the true sense of the leak is contained.

    Another problem is that it is difficult to explain that the leakage occurred in only contained 7M, and only the LSB mode. Mode transformation, changes in the band, are no longer occur. This problem, when I students, appears to be a clear explanation.
    [/ quote]

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  9. W9MAV

    W9MAV Ham Member QRZ Page

    One ugly radio.
  10. K8YZK

    K8YZK Ham Member QRZ Page

    Pick one from column A, one from column B, and with two, you get egg roll.
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