FCC to Host First Responders Summit

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by N0JAA, Mar 5, 2007.

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  1. N0JAA

    N0JAA Ham Member QRZ Page

    March 2, 2007 Robert Kenny: (202) 418-2668
    Email: robert.kenny@fcc.gov  


    Washington, D.C. – The Federal Communications Commission’s Public Safety and Homeland Security Bureau (PSHSB) today announced that the bureau will host the First Responders Summit: Interoperable and Reliable Public Safety Communications on Friday, April 20, 2007, 9:00 A.M. – 4:00 P.M, in the Commission Meeting Room (TW-C305).

    The summit will include expert panel discussions led by representatives from the public safety community, the communications industry and government. In addition, the summit will close with an open roundtable forum for participants to raise key issues related to emergency preparedness and response.

    The agenda will include three expert panel discussions:
    Panel One: Government agencies and public safety initiatives;
    Panel Two: Transition from Legacy to Future Architectures - Integration of Current Systems into IP-based Networks, Radio Bridging; and
    Panel Three: Beyond Voice - Broadband Applications for First Responders.

    An official summit agenda will be released by the PSHSB. The summit will be open to the public; however, admittance will be limited to the seating available. A live audiocast will be available at www.fcc.gov. Those individuals who are interested in attending the summit may pre-register by contacting Sue Gilgenbach at (202) 418-0639 or by e-mail: sue.gilgenbach@fcc.gov.

    Sign language interpreters and open captioning will be provided for this event. Other reasonable accommodations for people with disabilities are available upon request.  Include a description of the accommodation you will need including as much detail as you can.  Also include a way we can contact you if we need more information.  Make your request as early as possible.  Last minute requests will be accepted, but may not be possible to fill.  Send an e-mail to fcc504@fcc.gov or call the Consumer & Governmental Affairs Bureau: For reasonable accommodations:  202-418-0530 (voice), 202-418-0432 (TTY).  

    For additional information about the meeting, please contact Leon Jackler, Director of Public Safety Outreach and Coordination for PSHSB at (202) 418-0946 or by e-mail: leon.jackler@fcc.gov. Press inquiries should be directed to Robert Kenny.

  2. N0IU

    N0IU Ham Member QRZ Page

    It will be interesting to see where amateur radio fits into this. I have a guess, but my crystal ball is in the shop at the moment so I will wait until April 21st to find out for sure.

    Scott NØIU
  3. NL7W

    NL7W Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    The SAFECOM project, under the Department of Homeland Security's Office for Interoperability and Compatibility (OIC), has addressed today's public safety communications and interoperability issues in-depth, and mentions amateur radio's potential roles. Download at:


    Amateur Radio Operators are not "first responders". At best, we are secondary/tertiary responders. Please all, don't think otherwise.

    Unless you're trained law enforcement, fire fighters, or EMS, leave the telecommunications surrounding their efforts, to include responding with light-bars, to the professionals.

  4. W5TTP

    W5TTP Ham Member QRZ Page

    Quick, learn the 10 codes. I think that there is a study manual for this!
  5. NC5P

    NC5P Ham Member QRZ Page

    Given this administration's track record they'll ban scanners, ham radio transceivers, and make it a felony to posess a soldering iron.
  6. WA5BEN

    WA5BEN Ham Member QRZ Page

    All codes are banned. Plain language is required. "10-50" can have about SIX different meanings, and the differences are HUGE -- even in adjacent jurisdictions.

    (True) Example:
    10-50 = Minor accident in one county
    10-50 = Officer needs help in an adjacent county
  7. WA5BEN

    WA5BEN Ham Member QRZ Page

    Actually, that depends upon the jurisdiction. Under our RACES program, we are designated as first responders. We carry ID and "go kits" -- and we abhor "blue and yellow lights". If you want to be a "pretend cop", we neither want you nor need you!

    Be trained

    Without training, you are worthless. You cannot join our program until you have minimum training, and you will be removed from our program if training is not maintained.

    Be smart

    Know when to act -- and when to stay out of the way.

    Be prepared

    The "go kit at home" is worthless. If you are not equipped RIGHT NOW, you are not prepared.

    Be professional

    We are a part of an Emergency Management response. We use our credentials responsibly, act professionally, and treat all others with respect. We are NOT the "bosses". We have no "authority". We are just the best durned communicators around (and we are known for our abilities).

    Build your REPUTATION

    It is far better to have a dozen TRAINED, SMART, PREPARED, PROFESSIONAL people than to have a hundred who only show up when something happens. The dozen trained people will BUILD your reputation. The hundred "thrill seekers" will GUARANTEE that your reputation is torn down.

    I have been "first on scene" at three killer tornados. In all cases, I transmitted the request for state aid. In two cases, I supplied the link to the state and outside agencies in an EOC that lacked telephones.


    In one case, I was offered (and declined) delegated authority by the ranking city official. (We worked out that I would suggest, and he would accept or decline my idea.) He never declined -- but that arrangement kept it crystal clear to everyone that the AUTHORITY rested with him. I had EM experience and training to be helpful, but it was HIS city and HIS responsibility.
  8. KC8VWM

    KC8VWM Subscriber QRZ Page

  9. KD4E

    KD4E Ham Member QRZ Page

    This knee-jerk hatemongering vs President Bush needs to become an
    official psychological diagnosis, it clearly is a sickness.

    It is the new regime in Congress that has implemented policies to
    prevent equal access to debate by those who disagree and who are
    acting in ways that harm the nation.

    Get off the propaganda pills and open your eyes. We need regime change in the Congress!

    Meanwhile, technically the "first responder" is the first on scene, hopefully
    someone with the capacity to call for help from the "first professional
    responders" who then may choose to request assistance from others,
    including Ham volunteers as is appropriate.

    73, doc KD4E (have served in all three roles)
  10. W9WHE

    W9WHE Ham Member QRZ Page

    "Given this administration's track record they'll ban scanners, ham radio transceivers, and make it a felony to posess a soldering iron"

    Another angry Bush-hating intollerant liberal.
    Now that liberals no longer have TOTAL MONOPOLISTIC CONTROL over the media and government, they can no longer squelch dissenting opinions. They can no longer make up evidence and get away with it. And that is making intollerant liberals wild with rage.  

    Perhaps it IS time the DSM-V was updated to include AILS (Angry Intollerant Liberal Syndrome). Perhaps some people could benifit from "sensitivity", "diversity" and 'tollerance" training so that they will be sensitive to and tollerant of differing opinions.
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