FCC Commissioner Jumps to Comcast-NBC Corp after approving merger

Discussion in 'Survey Center' started by W7KEW, May 12, 2011.


Should FCC Commssioners be allowed to work for companies they vote on?

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  1. Yes.

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  2. No.

  3. Maybe

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  1. W7KEW

    W7KEW QRZ Member

    "Meredith Attwell Baker, one of the FCC Commissioners, is leaving the FCC to become a lobbyist for Comcast-NBC, just four months after approving their merger deal. She refused to put any significant conditions on the merger, saying that the deal would 'bring exciting benefits to consumers that outweigh potential harms.' Comcast has released an official statement saying that, 'Meredith's executive branch and business experience along with her exceptional relationships in Washington bring Comcast and NBCUniversal the perfect combination of skills.'"
  2. KE5HAM

    KE5HAM Ham Member QRZ Page

    Can you spell "Typical DC Corruption" ....?
  3. K3ROJ

    K3ROJ Ham Member QRZ Page

    Anyone who works or worked for the Government should not be allowed to hold down civilian jobs. Once you learn how to be a crook, it is carried over to wherever they go. As far as comcast goes, they are financially in trouble because of ROKU and other devices when give us NETFLIX and many free channels.
  4. W5DOH

    W5DOH Ham Member QRZ Page

    NO, NO, No, No.............................Bad business conflict of interest.
  5. KC9TNH

    KC9TNH Ham Member QRZ Page

    She must've been a simple exec branch appointee, serving "at the pleasure" of the POTUS. Any regular career Federal civilian worker knows (based on painful annual ethics training briefings) they would be breaking the law to have ruled on - or even to have been in position to rule on - such things and then not wait 1-2 years to take such a position. I'd be curious to know her actual employment status while at the FCC.
  6. KA5S

    KA5S Subscriber QRZ Page

    And Copps is quitting too:

    Washington Post

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