Did Morse Code Kill Ham Radio?

Discussion in 'Ham Radio Discussions' started by W4XKE, Jan 1, 2008.

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  1. KC5CSG

    KC5CSG Ham Member QRZ Page

    Just like most of the "know coders" created animosity ever since I became a "no coder" in 93. The arguement was strong then and plenty of "know coders" beat their chests stirring the crap about ONE license class. Now, NO license class requires your precious and stupid Morse Code. You have yourselves to blame. If your kind didn't spend years alienating every no code tech that made it onto your repeaters maybe they all would have been happy with that one license class.

    Instead, you stirred up a hornest's nest, created a movement that rallied against what you believed in and they WON! You may call it one thing, I call it poetic justice. HAHAHA!!! YOU LOST. What really baffles me is you STILL have not learned a lesson from all of this. The more you insult the stronger people's dislike towards you. Now, sit back and enjoy our victory dance like adults or continue crying like babies with your silly rants and stupid derogatory picures about no coders. We all know whe the REAL BABIES are in here. We all know who the sore losers are.

  2. KD8HMO

    KD8HMO Banned QRZ Page

    I never said a word about me being no-code. I hit this forum for the first time and found a bunch of crybabies whining about it and talking about us like we were 2nd rate rat-poop. They act like its the end of the world if the code requirement is taken away. Notice, its still a LEGAL MODE. It hasnt been banned. Nobody is stopping anyone from using it if they desire to learn. I waited 20+ years to get my license because a few people out here are not interested in morse code. I wanted HF bands, so novice and tech class didnt really interest me. No big deal. Sideband on cb radio and shortwave sufficed until the internet became available. Now the internet has become boring and they dropped code so I got my license.
  3. KC5CSG

    KC5CSG Ham Member QRZ Page

    They're still sore because the no codes eventually handed their butts to them. Looks like Uncle Charlie got tired of their nonsense too..........


  4. AC0UU

    AC0UU Ham Member QRZ Page

    First, I will say it again, I am NOT against the newbies in any way shape or form as long as they learn to operate in a proper manner.

    As for your comment then you didn't say a word about being a no-coder. That is incorrect. In one of your previous posts, which I answered, you stated that you purposely waited until the code requirement was removed to get your license because you were not willing to learn CW. That, my friend, is the bragging which some others are talking about. Why is it necessary to do that? It was one of your first posts in this subject. This is the biggest problem I have with the newbies. If they didn't say anything about it, I doubt that most here would even know it.

    As for Jerry, NO ONE LOST ANY BATTLES here. As has been stated over and over again, CW is still a legal mode for those who choose to use it. Secondly, it wasn't the no-code pushers that got the CW testing removed. It was the fact that most other countries removed the requirement, the international regulatory people no longer required it (which by the way is the only reason it was there to begin with), and so the FCC decided it was time to come to the 21st century and eliminate the testing.

    I'm not sure that those like Jerry would accept my post, or that it will stop this rediculous topic from getting posted over and over and over again. But I would hope everyone grows up at some point. Everyone meaning both sides of this stupid argument.

  5. KI4BNC

    KI4BNC Ham Member QRZ Page

    code don't kill radio...
    bullets kill radio(s) [​IMG]
  6. KD8HMO

    KD8HMO Banned QRZ Page

    Who says I wont operate in a proper manner? You seem to think that the code requirement is some magic filter that keeps all idiots off the bands. I have a news flash for you. Im not 2 years old, and I wont be talked down to by the likes of you or anyone else. I have earned my grey hair and I am NOT a freebander, and never was. I have been a serious shortwave monitor (two collins R-390a's and an R-392) plus numerous others. I monitor ham freqs all the time and i am not really new to the whole idea. So if I cant be in this little club, no big deal. Im sure there are many overseas hams that want my qsl card.
  7. W4CBJ

    W4CBJ Ham Member QRZ Page

    Well sir, you guys are straightening me out. I will have to admit that I have sinned ! Sinned mightily ! These consisted of helping a lot of people to acquire AR licenses. Taught them the Morse code too. Conducted code testing at VE sessions. Some of these still contact me and even say a word of thanks. People now gainfully employedin electronics. Had I known of the present day QRZ posts, dissing the code, I would never have sinned. May have pulled the big switch. Ended it all. Will I ever be forgiven ? Not likely. Keep up the posts. Keep it up.. Thanks 73 Joe W4CBJ OT/OF
  8. K7JEM

    K7JEM Ham Member QRZ Page

    I don't know why anyone makes it a point. I see hams on here talking about passing a 5-13-20 wpm code test, too, and making an obvious point about that.

    Why? Who cares?

    It doesn't say "coded" amateur on the license any more than it says "no code" on the license. That is the problem, it feeds from both sides, and really needs to stop.

    We are all licensed amateurs, if we passed the requirements of the test at the time we took it. Doesn't matter if that was 1959, 1975, 1999, or 2008. The tests were different in all of these eras, why can't people understand that, and deal with it.

    Why do hams hold up so dearly something that took an hour or two out of their entire lives (the test), or at most a few weeks of studying in order to learn the material?

    Why would anyone think that a HR ticket gives anyone any specific knowledge that thousands of other people don't also posses?

    It just baffles me the arguments over who had a harder test, who had to pass a code test, or take their exam in front of the FCC. What does it matter? Why do people brag about something they last did in 1974 (1999, 1982, etc), and at that, only took a few minutes?

  9. KD8HMO

    KD8HMO Banned QRZ Page

    I think hams should be more worried about losing their bands. There are other entities lined up out the door to snag these frequencies. I think this is much more important than brow-beating the new guys and dragging them to the altar of the morse-code gods.
  10. W4CBJ

    W4CBJ Ham Member QRZ Page

    ...and while we are passing new legislation prohibiting the Morse code... let's include a rider making it a hate crime to dis an Extra Class licensee... Joe W4CBJ
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