Deploying The P-LOOP QRP Portable from a Skipulk

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by OH8STN, Apr 5, 2017.

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  1. OH8STN

    OH8STN Ham Member QRZ Page

    Hello operators
    Today I'm sharing a follow-up video answering viewers questions, about the Chameleon P-LOOP 2.0. Specifically I was asked how difficult is it to carry and deploy the P-LOOP 2.0 portable, with a qrp rig, in cold weather. To answer that question, I loaded up my skipulk, taking you all along.

    I've also taken the extra step to remove any personal enthusiasm about any of the antennas that I feature or review.
    That was hard feedback but understandable.
    de oh8stn
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  2. K3FHP

    K3FHP XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    FB OM, but what's all that white powdery stuff all around you?

    Punta Gorda, Florida
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  3. W0AEW

    W0AEW Ham Member QRZ Page

    No hot chocolate and rum?
  4. W7ASA

    W7ASA Ham Member QRZ Page

    Well done, Julian !

    I really enjoy and appreciate your videos. That was yet very familiar sound of snow underfoot during your set-up. I remember, during long winters and winter camping: the colder the temps, the higher the pitch of the snow-squeek under my boots.

    Magloops are a wonderful addition for anyone needing an effective, quick-up antenna. The impressive part is making them into an easily packed and transported antenna that does not require trees or other supports. Yes, it's "optional" to ensure that the operator is well grounded, but I'm glad that you left that part in - I had a good chuckle.

    73 de Ray / W7ASA ..._ ._
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  5. K6CLS

    K6CLS Ham Member QRZ Page

    Excellent, thanks!

    I can't do pl259s with gloves on, you are a superhero.

    You have a couple good dogs. I hope they got some treats.
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  6. AE4TO

    AE4TO Ham Member QRZ Page

    Julian: Excellent job! Beautiful location. I wonder how this loop compares to other similar loops. I am planning on getting one. The portability and efficiency is the most important to me.
    Those dogs look real pretty too.
    Have fun!
    AE4TO Sergio Miami Fl.
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