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CW keying with FT-991 and Ham Radio Deluxe

Discussion in 'Ham Radio Deluxe - HRD' started by KU0D, Nov 29, 2016.

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  1. KU0D

    KU0D XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Hello, when using ham radio deluxe to key text in CW my ft991 tx ratchets on and off while transmitting text, is this normal ? Some reason I think it should transmit and send tones for the CW not radio ratchet tx on and off while transmitting. Thanks
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  2. K7MEM

    K7MEM Ham Member QRZ Page

    I am not familiar with the FT-991, but it sounds like you are using the VOX and audio tones for working CW. When your working PSK, for example, the audio is continuous, providing no chance for the VOX to switch back to receive. However, with CW, the tones are not continuous, so you need to look for a way to delay the switching. On the FT-991, I believe they refer to it as "hang time", on page 58 of the operating manual.

    With HRD you can also use direct keying through one of the signals on a RS-232 port. That would allow you to put the rig in the CW mode. However, that requires an extra interface. On my IC-735, the VOX is bypassed when you access the audio input through the accessory connectors. So I have to use a separate interface to manage PTT and CW Keying.
  3. KU0D

    KU0D XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Thanks For the Reply VOX is not used for working CW in the HRD MENU. IT is using the PTT VIA the USB Serial Port. Using the sound Card to make the Auidable Tones. It was working a few months ago. when I first set up RTTY and JT65. What I did last night was took a spare Computer installed HRD and the FT-991 Drivers set Everything up and it seemed to work . what it does is it sends the CW Text and at every space it unkeys the rig and rekeys the transmit when text starts again if you do a run on sentence so to speak it does not un key the rig. My thought being it should keep the rig keyed and just pause the tone when at a space not un key. But at least it is not ratcheting like before. I think something went corrupt with the plethora of updated that have been done especially the windows updates. Ill uninstall everything and re do over the weekend but at least I keep a spare.. I did have trouble with the drivers for the radio I would have to reinstall every time I wanted to use it.. so maybe that is what is really going on.. KU0D
  4. K4HCQ

    K4HCQ Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    KU0D, I am having the same issue and about ready to pull my hair out. I have been having issue where HRD would fully key the radio but no audio would go through... I was thinking that it was something up with a menu setting so I wiped the 991a and rolled a setup someone did. Now I think I get a little further in that the Laptop (LT) is keying the radio for ever dit and da. What did you do to get your going?
  5. W6IR

    W6IR Ham Member QRZ Page

    Check Menu #56 (on a plain 991, not A) for cw break-in type and #57 for bk-in delay. You want to set to semi and maybe a longer delay. Don't know if that will help, I only use the 991 for digital and I have a paddle on my FTDX3000.
  6. K4HCQ

    K4HCQ Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    Yea this didnt work either. So I had my HDR PPT my radio and then transmit a tone from the sound card. Then I switched something and lost it. ARG!!! It seam like no one (even HDR) has a white paper that shows what your 991a is suppose to be set at and what HDR is suppose to be set at to make it work. At least nothing that is even close to concrete.

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