Conditions misérable

Discussion in 'The DX Zone' started by K4LRX, Sep 10, 2018.

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  1. K4LRX

    K4LRX QRZ Member QRZ Page

    I am amazed at how bad the bands are today, nothing much across twenty and well 15 and 10 or six nothing at all. Only able to work one station in France, good signal he was using 100 watts. Night before 9k2MU making it with a fine signal, band open, no one on the air.

    At least this summer I got my six meter antenna replaced and my expert amp going on that band, all we need is an opening. For now, well we just keep grumbling and hope things get better.
  2. K3XR

    K3XR Ham Member QRZ Page

    Did you give 17 meters a try today? A few minutes ago worked S01WS in the Western Sahara on FT-8. Band has been busy most of the day.
  3. WA4BCS

    WA4BCS XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Lots of QSB on 20
  4. ND6M

    ND6M Ham Member QRZ Page

    I'm working quite a few stations on 10. mostly the Caribbean, Mexico, and S America.

    Nothing from Eu.
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  5. W7UUU

    W7UUU QRZ Lifetime Member #133 Administrator Volunteer Moderator Platinum Subscriber Life Member QRZ Page


  6. WA6MHZ

    WA6MHZ Subscriber QRZ Page

    That's why I am working so hard on the RT66 event!! Missouri is DX these days on 20 and 40! Guess the days of working worldwide are long gone, until the next peak, which is in, what? 11 years?
    I will be worm food by then!!
  7. W7UUU

    W7UUU QRZ Lifetime Member #133 Administrator Volunteer Moderator Platinum Subscriber Life Member QRZ Page

    No, Pat - you'll be fine :) The entire cycle is eleven years. In a mere 5 1/2 years we'll be at the top of the next cycle.

    So don't worry - you won't be worm food until the next bottom of the cycle :D:D

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  8. K4LRX

    K4LRX QRZ Member QRZ Page

    Well guys I am 77 and do have some issues, but hope to have one more big cycle.
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  9. N5CM

    N5CM Ham Member QRZ Page

    10m has been rather poor in my neck o' the woods lately. A month or so ago, I would run my normal 28.5 MHz-and-down scan and hear a little phone activity, some beacons, and what I assume to be FT8 at 28.074. If I heard things, I would go on down to the bottom og the band , listen, send some CQs, and work a few QSOs. For the past three weeks or so, on my normal 28.5 MHz-and-down scan, there's zilch, nada, nil, not even cricketts. 15m has been microscopically better than 10m.

    Edit: I did receive an LoTW confirmation from a French amateur for a 10m QSO from a month or so back :)
  10. W4KJG

    W4KJG Subscriber QRZ Page

    I don't know what to say. I've been licensed/active since 1962. My 79 year old brother and I are planning a five-day MN/WI fishing/camping expedition as of next week.

    Are you a member of a local ham club? If not, get your butt out there!:D

    Get some club members to help you. I belong to two clubs. Both have members who would be more than willing to help get you up and operating, and would even provide equipment, if necessary.

    I'm putting this 40-meter/24-hour screen capture up from earlier today. It shows the stations I received on FT8 from yesterday afternoon to this afternoon. It shows that my cheap/little radio intercepted 65 countries over those 24 hours.

    PSK 40 Meters 9-10-2018 (2).png

    I don't have anything special. I have about 70 feet of wire up about 25 feet in the air as an inverted L. The receiver that captured those signals cost me about $25. It is a simple USB "dongle" that operates with free software.

    Call a ham friend. I'm sure they get together for breakfast or lunch at least once per week. Go to breakfast/lunch with several. I'm sure there are a number of your local club members who would be glad to provide transportation. (My silly 79 year-old brother uses a motor-scooter to go to breakfast 6 days a week with his old ham/private-pilot friends.) You will feel years younger.:)

    Think young,
    Old Ken

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