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Discussion in 'Logbook User Forum' started by K4ECE, Apr 5, 2012.

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  1. K4ECE

    K4ECE Ham Member QRZ Page

    at 7pm central time I made contact with a station in Honduras.I am really new to dx ing.All I got on his sign was HRJ.and no name.This was on 28.430. any chance anyone else got his full sign and name?
  2. 2E0MLJ

    2E0MLJ Subscriber QRZ Page

    Hi There,

    Unfortunatley if you don't know the callsign there isn't much you can do however you could search what you know and see if there are any potential results.

  3. K4ECE

    K4ECE Ham Member QRZ Page

    thanks,I tried that with no luck.I'll make sure I get the right info on the next contact.That was my fault,being a newbe I thought I'd catch his call sign and name on his next contact.
    Thanks again Ed K4ECE
  4. 2E0MLJ

    2E0MLJ Subscriber QRZ Page

    Okay Ed, Welcome to HAM Radio and good luck!

  5. W1DQ

    W1DQ QRZ Staff / Logbook Administrator Volunteer Moderator Platinum Subscriber Volunteer DX Helper QRZ Page

    You might try searching the DX cluster for any Honduras station that might have been "spotted" on the 10 meter band using the mode you were using and on that date/time.

    Goto website:
    Enter the call as "HR" (only for expanded search.
    Enter the band and enter the mode.
    Select 10,000 hits and search.
    Scroll down the list to find the date/time period and see if you recognize any call.

    You may have read his call as HRJ, but that might be HR1 copied incorrectly. HR is correct Honduras prefix but could also be in the suffix in which case there would be two HR sets in one callsign.
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