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Discussion in 'The DX Zone' started by MM0TWX, Nov 3, 2018.

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    From the linked article:

    Well-informed sources were quick to point out that the real reasons behind such an unprecedented move to do with substantially increasing the number of participants, by attracting newcomers... [emphasis added]

    Sounds familiar. :D
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    It's the end of the world as we know it.
    And I feel fine. :)
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    And in Other news:

    Podunk, Iowa

    The members of the REALLY TRY HARD DX CLUB of the Metro Podunk area have announced several DXpeditions to the most needed places! Satellite-style robotic transcievers are to be deployed at various needed locations around the globe.
    The first will be on Scarborough Reef. Here is a photo of the robot q199903.jpg
    Details on the unit:
    1) Fully solar powered with a 20 AH LIPO battery back up for cloudy days.
    2) Power output is 20W on FT-8
    3) satellite uplink to upload logs to LOTW
    4) Computer power is several Raspberry PIs running LINUX with a Windows 10 Emulator so it can run WSJT-X
    5) Antenna is a deployable after landing.The tape measure antenna is 17 feet long for a 1/4Wave on 20 meters. Four Radial tape measures also deploy.
    6) Units can be parachuted in from passing planes (or rockets)
    7) fully watertight in case a wave breaks over the reef.

    Once deployed and activated through the Satellite link, the Robot will start making FT-8 QSOs from that instant, and for decades to come!

    Other FT-8 Robots will be landed on BOUVET, HEARD, CROZET and Mt Athos.
    A Special bulletproof one will be dropped in North Korea.

    Permission to place them on the various FISH AND GAME Controlled entities like Johnson, Kure and Wake ISLAND has been denied as the authorities are worried the birds might suffer from RF EXPOSURE!!!

    Permission was not asked from North Korea, as it is always better to beg for FORGIVENESS than REQUEST PERMISSION!!

    No Permission is needed from the Penquins on the Southern Ocean entities.

    Economical!! ONLY $57 dollars each as they are being made in the Baofeng factory in China. So if one gets damaged or lost, they just send another! FCC Certification is NOT expected!

    First Deployment is expected on 1 APRIL 2018, just in time for DXers to complete their #1 Honor Roll for Visalia!

    The Scarborough Reef FT-8 Robot is expected to make 500,000 Qs in the first month of operation, mostly from Japan

    This allows the SAVY FT-8 user to complete his Digital DXCC in a few Days,not Decades!
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