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Discussion in 'Ham to Ham References' started by KE5KZC, Mar 18, 2011.

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  1. KE5KZC

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    i just bought a radio from this guy,larry goolsby,using aa4ji, after much hassle getting it i got it in today and its pretty much junk.i bought it knowing that it had a slight,receive issue'ok,but when i got the rig in,the case was painted ugly,the desk mike is broken,the radio not only does not receive but does not transmit nor does the display show on receive,the thing was filty,and had the case screws replaced with shiny new ones,the top of the plastic case is cracked as well,the radio looks as if it was a junk piled painted to sell,now here is my issue, the guy i bought it from says his name is larry goolsby,using the call i posted here,yet the call is listed to larry,goosby,both names and addresses are listed separate in the guys town so i know its no typo on the name,after sending the radio the guy has yet to answer his phone nor respond to my emails and after looking up his phone number it comes out of tenn,i think that this guy,goolsby is using mr goosbys call sign to rip people off. i know i bought it used but i was not told it was a junk pile but working radio with slight issues and in good shape other wise,
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