Awesome Videos of Ospreys Catching Fish

Discussion in 'ex-Rag Chew Central' started by K7RQ, Apr 26, 2012.

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    Very cool! How come there's no footage of the ospreys cooking their catch?
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    cool! That was a huge trout. I hope he had a fishing license:)
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    Seeing the thread title, I fully imagined some loadmaster wearing a monkey strap, leaning out on the ramp, and trolling with a zebco. ;)
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    The images wildlife photographers capture never cease to amaze me. I'd like to see a few "how they did it" programs.
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    Ospreys are just magnificient birds, more so than eagles in my opinion. We have an abundance of them around the Chesapeake.

    During the early spring when the Osprey pair are re-establishing their nest from the previous year, the male will return with a fish he has caught. He will hover over the nest about 20 feet while making calls to display his catch to his mate. When she is suitably impressed he lands and they feast!

    Their nests are large, flat and sturdy affairs about five feet across and made from sticks and branches.
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    What if she's not suitably impressed?

    "Ya lazy bum--go back and get a real fish!"
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