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Anyone have the new icom ID-51A PLUS2 radios and new software working yet

Discussion in 'Ham Radio Discussions' started by KE6ANM, Nov 6, 2016.

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  1. KE6ANM

    KE6ANM XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    I bought the radio the other day, when it came out, and am having trouble decoding the manual, for the radio and the RS-MS3A SOFTWARE to connect to the d-star network.
    The instructions are very vague, and the examples of what they want you to enter into the address windows is shaded out.
    Thanks, ICOM, for once again mastering the vague setup manual again.
    Does anyone have an idea of how to get these to work.
    It looks like you require the ip address of a dstar gateway, or the Domain name of the gateway.
    I cannot find these anywhere on the internet.
    The radio is very nice, but until this is figured out, it is a 600.00 paperweight.

    Please let me know, if anyone has any info on this, or has got theirs working.
  2. AC4AC

    AC4AC Ham Member QRZ Page

    I also got this radio as soon as I saw it in stock. I have not been able to get terminal or access point modes working, but this is what I've done so far:

    I looked up the gateway IP of the repeater I'm registered on using (search for your call, I'm assuming you're registered for D-STAR) and entered it into the first box on the RS-MS3A app. The app appeared to connect but did not function.

    In the RS-MS3A instruction PDF, a note says "you must have your call sign registered to the gateway server that has the RS-RP3C installed. Ask the gateway repeater administrator for details." Now as far as I can tell, the current gateway software is RS-RP2C and I'm not able to find any reference to RS-RP3C apart from the instructions for the RS-MS3A app.

    I emailed Icom tech support about this today and will hopefully be able to provide an update within a day or two. Now I understand that it is a brand spanking new radio and it's even still listed on the manufacturer's site as 'coming soon', but I'm just a bit disappointed so far. The RS-MS3A app has been in the play store for a couple weeks now, so I thought maybe everything would work out of the box. I'm not going to be calling it a paperweight however, it's functioning as a standard, albeit much more expensive ID-51A Plus. I am anxious to get the "Plus2" features enabled, since that's why I was willing to pay more. I liked the idea of getting an all in one solution for a VHF/UHF/DSTAR handheld and hotspot.
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  3. AC4AC

    AC4AC Ham Member QRZ Page

    Update: Icom customer service responded this afternoon. To use the access point and terminal modes of the Plus2 you need to be registered in a gateway running the RS-RP3C software (also referred to as G3). That gateway software has just finished testing and is not yet available. They expect it to be available "soon".

    So we have to wait for them to release the G3 software, and then wait some more for the gateway admins to update to that software before we can make use of the new features of the Plus2.
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  4. WD5GBS

    WD5GBS Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    That's very frustrating news from Icom. They should have made it known that the terminal/AP modes wouldn't work until sometime in the future.

    In the meantime, I've gone through and tried the same thing as you. I've spent several hours trying to get the terminal mode working using RS-MS3a and RS-MS3w, but no success. I sent the DSTAR administrator on the system I'm registered on an email today asking for his input and guidance. If what Icom is saying is true, then there are going to be a lot of upset Plus 2 owners.

    Like you said, we've got an expensive 51-Plus for now. I'll share whatever info I get from the DSTAR administrator.
  5. WD5GBS

    WD5GBS Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    Got an email from the gateway/DSTAR administrator and the gateway where I'm registered is using the G2 software. The G3 software may be coming at some point but until that happens, no terminal mode for me.
  6. WA7KTM

    WA7KTM Ham Member QRZ Page

    I have had my Plus2 for a week. I have the same problem which is can not connect to the internet. Thanks to all of you I now know why.
    I will be waiting for the software update to be installed. I will be looking on here for and updates from you. My E-mail is also is listed on QRZ. If you come up with any other information send me a line.

  7. KE6ANM

    KE6ANM XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Yes I got the same answer, as soon as getaway operators update to g3, gateway software,everything should be OK. we are going to have to be little patient.
    Dying to get it running.
    I did think I was going crazy for about 7 hours, trying to figure out what I did wrong.
  8. AB5MF

    AB5MF Ham Member QRZ Page

    I also have a Japanese callsign and tried the terminal mode from USA, using the gateway server in Japan which is the default Japanese setting in the RS-MS3W software. I input my Japanese call to the software to access the gateway but used my US callsign at the tranceiver side. Apparently the terminal mode worked well, except that the JARL D-star server site indicated that my callsign is not Japanese one (i.e. recognized as a wrong callsign setting). I called Icom-USA as other people did, and the tech service personnel said that he tried to install the G3 software to the system in TX but did not work, and it seems to require some hardware modification.

    By the way, the terminal mode and access point mode cannot make a call through a reflector, so this is totally different from the hotspot like DVAP dongle. It is only for QSOs through a repeater-gateway, which is popular only in Japan, but not in other countries. I called my local repeater that is linked a reflector from my terminal mode, but nothing happened to the reflector although I heard my voice from the repeater. It is convenient for me to talk with my friends in Japan using this mode, but I doubt its usefulness in US where mamy people use reflectors.
  9. WA7KTM

    WA7KTM Ham Member QRZ Page

    You say the plus2 cannot make a call through a reflector. Mine has options to connect to reflectors as well as repeaters.
  10. AB5MF

    AB5MF Ham Member QRZ Page

    I mean the terminal/accesspoint mode cannot make a call through a reflector. In the normal mode you can of course access to reflectors through a hotspot. The DV Function manual indicates that "You cannot make a call through a reflector." However there is "Reflector" on the menu screen. I tried it with the Japanese server to attempt to connect a reflector but it is failed.

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