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Any 2 Meter CW Nets?

Discussion in 'General Technical Questions and Answers' started by kc2ink, Feb 4, 2003.

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  1. kc2ink

    kc2ink Ham Member QRZ Page

    Hello; I am looking to see if there are any 2 meter CW nets out there. If so, how is it going? Any problems or concerns that may have popped up? I looked in the ARRL directory, but I did not find any listed. I am thinking about the possablity of startting an informal 2 meter CW net. Not for NTS, but mostly to promote CW and have a bit of fun. The idea I have for the net would be on simplex in the CW only portion of the 2 meter band. Probably only Mon to Fri. So any problems, suggestions, or ideas you may have would be greatly welcomed.Thank you in Advance!  [​IMG]
  2. KB9YKY

    KB9YKY Banned QRZ Page

    What did you mean with the term "simplex" in your question? You might try contacting some FISTS members in your area and see if they are aware of any 2 meter cw nets in your area. Outside of that just keep spinning the vfo...and keep sending out CQs. Maybe if you stir up much activity you might be able to get others interested in a net, and you could get one going. Good luck.
  3. mackinac

    mackinac Banned

    In order to use CW you would need to have an appropriate CW/SSB or multimode rig. There is some interest in such activity, but not as much as FM. Individuals interested in CW and SSB on VHF often join "weak signal" or regional VHF societies.

    One such group that is not far from your location is the New England Weak Signal group. Their web site shows that they have an SSB net. You might try that out first, then you could ask about CW activity. There might be a net, or there might only be activity at random times or during contests. But a group like that could help you get started.
  4. WB2WIK

    WB2WIK Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    Considering how popular IC-706's, FT100's, IC-746's, FT-817's and many other HF+VHF multimode rigs are (and these all cover 2 meters, and all work CW), it should be pretty easy to start a 2 meter CW net. It's likely that 100 hams within 25 miles of you could get on 2 meter CW if they had any reason or desire to.

    You might even get an announcement going on the Mt. Beacon repeater and other venues to promote the CW net. Repeater owners/operators almost always allow fellow hams to make amateur-radio related announcements, and often will make digital recordings of those, so they can run periodically.

    Good luck!

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