Antennas - VHF and UHF, Monitor antenna, Mobile antennas, rubber ducks, & connectors

Discussion in 'Ham Radio Gear For Sale' started by W8EK, Apr 11, 2010.

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  1. W8EK

    W8EK Guest

    Antennas and antenna related items for sale:

    Hustler MOS Monitor Antenna:
    The Hustler MOS monitor antenna is for use on indoor scanners.
    It features a suction cup to hold it to the top of the table.
    A Motorola type connector can be moved up and down the antenna
    so that it is just the right height to plug directly in to
    your scanner.
    Basically, this antenna will attach to the table behind your
    desktop scanner, out of the way, but will provide a significant
    amount of gain over the internal antenna.
    This particular antenna works fine, and looks very close to new.

    Larsen VHF and UHF Mobile Antennas:

    Antennas are used, but in very good condition.

    Larsen NLA-150, 2 meter antenna, for Larsen NLA mount
    Has about 3 db gain on 2 m; includes whip. $16
    As above, but coil only, without whip. $10

    Larsen NLA-450 coil and "stacked" whip for 440 MHz
    Fits the Larsen NLA mount, and has about 5 db gain on
    the 70 cm band. Stacked whip is included. $12

    Larsen NLA-Q
    Fits the Larsen NLA mount, but is a quarter wave antenna.
    Can be cut for 2 m, 220 MHz, or 440 MHz. $9

    Larsen Q Quarter Wave Antenna
    Fits a 5/16 inch stud, such as the Larsen LM mount,
    and others. It can be cut for 2 meters, 220 MHz, or
    450 MHz bands. $8

    Trunk Lip Mount with 5/16 inch stud
    Ideal for use with the "Q" above, or any other antenna
    that requires a 5/16 inch stud. Very nice for $18.

    Avanti "On Glass" antenna for 440 MHz:

    This antenna was made by Avanti to mount on a windshield,
    or other glass. It does not require a ground plane, as
    it is a 1/2 wave antenna, rated to have 3 db gain. It is
    ideal for places where a ground plane is not available,
    such as a boat or motor home, in addition to cars. A
    special tuning box is included to match to your particular

    Avanti Antenna for 440 MHz
    Still in its original tube, unopened. $33

    Hustler HF mobile resonators:
    All work fine and are in good cosmetic condition.

    "Super" high power resonators (good for 2 KW PEP):
    80 meter RM-80 S
    can be cut for CW or phone, and also used on a 4BTV
    Vertical to give 80/75 meter coverage
    (basically make it into a 5BTV) $38

    Rubber Duck antennas for your HT.
    All are for 2 meters, are in good condition,
    and are $10 each, unless stated otherwise.

    BNC Regular length, 6 1/2 inches long
    BNC - Original from Kenwood TH-215, 5 inches long
    Alinco Stubby w/BNC Connector, 4.6 inches long

    5/16 inch threaded, like used by Motorola and others
    Stubby - 4 inches long

    Type F connector - 6.5 inches long

    PL-259 connector - 6.5 inches long
    HyGain 275, still in original packaging

    PL-259 connector - Stubby - 4.6 inches long
    Centurion, still in original package

    Special for Kenwood TH-21 HT threaded connector
    Kenwood RA-6 regular, 6.6 inches long - $15

    BNC Stubby for 440 MHz, 3 inches long

    Low Pass TVI Filters:

    A low pass TVI filter is added to the transmitter (inserted
    in the coax line after the transmitter or transceiver) to
    reduce harmonic interference.

    Bencher YA-1, high power, low pass TVI filter
    If you need a more heavy duty filter for the output of
    your amplifier, this one is ideal. It will take full legal
    power plus, and has at least 80 db signal attenuation at
    TV channel 2.
    It is also in a very sturdy metal case with SO-239 connectors
    on each end, and is a 50 ohm filter.
    This one works great, and looks close to new. Someone added
    some felt to the bottom, so that it protects better. It is in its
    original box, with paper work. Bencher currently sells these
    for about $90. This one is only $65.

    B & W FL-10/1500 (Also known as model 425) low pass filter
    B & W TVI filter, 50 ohm. It cuts off just above 10 meters,
    and will handle 1500 Watts. SO-239 connector on each
    end. This is the latest model B & W filter. It is in very nice
    condition; it looks very close to new. With paper work $40.

    Drake TV-5200-LP
    This is the more modern version of the Drake TV-1000 Low Pass
    Filter. This is the filter that may also be used on the low
    end of six meters, as well as HF. It is good for 1000 Watts
    average below 30 MHz, and about 200 W up to 52 MHz. It works
    fine, and is in very nice shape. $35

    Drake TV-3300-LP Low Pass Filter
    This is a modern low pass filter to go between your transmitter
    and antenna, and has been optimized to have more attenuation
    in the 40 MHz region, where many TVs have their IF. It is good
    for 1000 Watts "average" according to the manual, and has
    over 80 db attenuation at 41 MHz. This one looks great, and
    includes the paper work. $30

    ParaDynamics PDC-5 Wattmeter
    This unit has a wattmeter with scales of 100 W, 10 W, and
    1 W. It has an SWR Bridge built in, with an antenna tuner.
    It was obviously made for 11 meter use, but it works well
    on other frequencies. The tuner portion works fine on 10 m,
    12 m, and 15 m. The wattmeter seems accurate from 20 meters
    thru 10 meters.
    It is physically small (only 5 X 3 X 1), so would be ideal
    for portable use.
    The wattmeter and antenna tuner portion work fine, however,
    the SWR portion of this unit is inoperative. It looks fine. $12

    Coax Cable with Type "N" Connectors:
    This cable is made of RG-8 coax and is about 6 feet long.
    It has a male type "N" connector on each end. $15

    Coax connectors and adapters:
    Prices are per connector. Several of each are available.
    These are NOS (have not been used).

    BNC male for coax cable
    standard type - $2
    crimp on type - $3

    Chassis mount BNC female
    square mount (uses 4 screws) - $3
    screw in type - $3

    BNC 90 degree - female to male - $3

    BNC "T" - two female and one male - $3

    Antenna adapter to fit the BNC connector on the HT
    and provide an SO-239 connector that will permit
    a PL-259 to be attached. (BNC male to UHF female) $5

    UHF Male (PL-259) to BNC female (opposite of above) $5

    UHF double female "Barrel connector" (two SO-239 together) $3

    UHF "T" connector with two female (SO-239) and one male
    (PL-259) connection - $5

    Antenna adapter for Kenwood TH-21/31/41 HTs
    Adapts the antenna connector found on these HTs to a
    standard PL-259 connector. $6

    Prices do not include shipping from Florida.



    Ken, W8EK

    Ken Simpson
    E-mail to or
    Voice Phone (352) 732-8400

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    my friends and acquaintances, I help them and/or their survivors
    dispose of equipment that is no longer needed. Because I realize
    the difficulty relatives have disposing of equipment after one
    becomes a silent key, I have decided to "thin the herd" of much
    of my own 40+ year accumulation of equipment. This is not a
    business venture for me, and I am not in the amateur radio
    business. /

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