Announcing D-STAR Live! Your D-STAR Questions Answered

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by WA4YIH, Feb 28, 2017.

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  1. WA4YIH

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    Announcing D-STAR Live! Your D-STAR Questions Answered

    D-STAR Live will present some of the experts in D-STAR for a panel discussion on various aspects of the D-STAR ecosystem. We will be accepting questions from the audience, both in-person and from the Internet

    A few of the areas that we plan to have discussions about are:
    • Setting up a brand-new radio
    • Updating / Programming your radio
    • Kenwood TH-D74 D-STAR Radio
    • New features of ID-51Plus2 and ID-4100
    • Icom G3 Software
    • D-STAR Comparison
    • D-STAR Devices
    • Questions from the You!
    When: 11 March 2017 1200-1600 EST (UTC-5) 0900-1300 PST
    FYI US DST starts the evening after the event

    Where: Live Online and
    Live in person at Georgia Gwinnett College, Lawrenceville GA

    • Ed Woodrick WA4YIH (
    • John Davis WB4QDX (Georgia D-STAR)
    • Ray Novak N9JA (Icom America)
    • Robin Cutshaw AA4RC (Internet Labs)
    The event is FREE, we would appreciate it if you register at

    For those attending in person, Icom has provided an ID-5100A as a door prize! You must be present to win.

    We’ll post more information and the links to access the presentation at

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  2. KB9MWR

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    Sounds to much like a commercial / promotional thing to me. I am more interested in the communities experimental developments (ircddb, mmdvm, etc) About the only thing from the list that I'd seek info on is what (at a technical level) the G3 offers over the G2. The biggest question outside of that is if there is hope for an open software AMBE encoder/decoder (patents are expired) that can be used in conjunction with GNU radio, or the various programs Jonathan Naylor has written.
  3. KC1FUU

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    I picked up the Icom ID-880H at Christmas, deeply discounted because it is being replaced by a newer model. Not the easiest radio to program (get the right programming/data cable --RT Systems --and the Icom downloadable free cloning software) but now read to dive into D-Star. This event will help me jump start that process. Yes, certainly a promotional event if you want to learn about D-Star (beyond the YouTube videos) but more important to those who OWN the product and want to get up and running using the best practices that are available. Most people do not like to learn from a manual....a visual demo is the preferred method! Teach the consumer the way they WANT to learn! I have two other friends who bought the ID-880H and we will certainly be attending remotely. I don't know why these hardware companies don't do more POST SALES events, to demonstrate the full extent of the products they market. That is the key to building BRAND LOYALTY. Not everyone can travel to Dayton or Orlando and why live demos, if organized properly, are of tremendous value to both the end user and the manufacturer. Disclosure: I work in software sales and that's exactly why my company's brand loyalty is second to none--- free post sales demonstrations and training.
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  4. AE0DC

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    well I am fairly new ham, I purchased Yaesu base and HT to start. Now with my wife also being a new Ham, I am looking to buy a new HT and VHF/UHF mobil , both digital, and would like the repeater - internet access. We are trying hard to decide between Yaesu and ICOM. Neither site gives enough comparison of their own products, and hard to find comparison between mfg.
    Would like to understand the capabilitys.
  5. KC0VSX

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  6. KC0VSX

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    very interested. I have a Icom 7100. I have watched the D-star conference 3 hours read the advanced manual talked to Icom tech and still it is not working. my memories look like the ones posted but not getting UR. getting RPT? if I go local CQCQCQ U get UR
    I only change gateway with my local and G in the 8th position. I have put a Reflector in CL when I chose a C reflector and still get RPT? iT SAYS it is linked. I do a U for unlink and it unlinks so I have no idea.
    I have ordered a ID-51 PLUS 2 hoping to start using D-Star much more but I am having doubts if I am going to be successful. Even thing of a DV dongle when I am in area's with no D-star such as ND where I go a lot. I live in mpls.
  7. KD8ACG

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    I don't know how to program my icon 880. I can't get it to link a new ham 73 kd8acg
  8. KD8ACG

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