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Amateur Radio Newsline Report 2130 for Friday, August 24, 2018

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by KB7TBT, Aug 24, 2018.

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  1. KB7TBT

    KB7TBT Ham Member QRZ Page

    Amateur Radio Newsline Report 2130 for Friday, August 24, 2018 Audio -

    Amateur Radio Newsline Report Number 2130 with a release date of Friday, August 24, 2018 to follow in 5-4-3-2-1.
    The following is a QST. The United Nations may be back on HF soon. A New Jersey amateur gets White House recognition -- and our top story, deadly flooding in south India. All this and more as Amateur Radio Newsline Report 2130 comes your way right now.
    NEIL/ANCHOR: We begin this week with breaking news out of southern India, where amateur radio operators are part of the team responding to deadly flooding there. Here's Jeremy Boot G4NJH.
    JEREMY: In the southern Indian state of Kerala, the region is reeling from what is being called the worst flooding in almost a century. As monsoon rains grew deadlier into mid-August, the state’s health minister and emergency service workers stepped up their efforts to bring people to safety. Hundreds were killed due to overflowing dams and more than 300,000 people had to be evacuated to relief camps. Meanwhile, amateur radio operators throughout the region began providing HF and VHF operations for local and more distant district offices, according to a report by emergency operator Jayu VU2JAU. A report in the Times of India said that in Kerala alone an estimated 120 ham radio operators deployed to send messages of medical aid or to report strandings. The ham control centre was overseen by Suwil Kumar, the IT head of Kerala’s Energy Management Centre. The hams passed messages to assist Senior District Administrators for handling evacuations and getting provisions such as medicines, food and water to evacuees. State officials said relief camps at one point were housing in excess of 800,000 people and were struggling with sanitation and other health issues. In one of the districts hit hardest by the deluge 1,000 residents were feared stranded. As waters began to recede a few days later, some residents were permitted to return home. But the crisis was expected to continue for some time.
    For Amateur Radio Newsline I’m Jeremy Boot G4NJH.
    NEIL/ANCHOR: Time itself may seem to go on forever, but the U.S. government’s budget for the fiscal year 2019 may actually be killing time – or at the very least putting a vital timekeeper at a dead stop. For that report, we turn to the newest member of the Amateur Radio Newsline family Dave Parks WB8ODF.
    DAVE: If you have come to rely on the services of WWV and WWVH for time, frequency and other calibrations in your weather, marine, propagation and related radio activities, you may already know that all of this is earmarked to come to an end in the coming year’s proposed budget for United States National Institute of Standards and Technology. Hams have been petitioning Congress to retain funding for WWV which received its call sign in 1919, assigned to the National Bureau of Standards. It is considered the oldest continuously operating radio station in the U.S. Likewise WWVB, broadcasting from Fort Collins, Colorado, is also imperiled as is its critical role in keeping tens of millions of radio-controlled clocks and other devices in sync as it has since 1963. As reported by a number of news outlets, the petition has until Sept. 15 to collect the needed 100,000 signatures. News sources have noted that defunding both stations would reduce the federal budget by $6.3 million, a very small fraction of the proposed $4.1 trillion budget.
    Amateur Radio Newsline is making available the link on our website to the online petition for those hams who wish to make their views and voices heard. You will find the link in the printed version of this script.
    For Amateur Radio Newsline, I’m Dave Parks WB8ODF
    NEIL/ANCHOR: The next big news to come out of the UN building in New York City might not be about an international crisis but amateur radio, as we hear from Andy Morrison K9AWM.
    ANDY: The sounds of silence are about to end for 4U1UN. This isn’t just the amateur radio club of the United Nations but a DXCC entity in its own right – and it’s been off the air since 2015, transmitting only beacon signals. When the UN headquarters building in New York City was renovated, the new layout did not provide room for the club’s station, which was formerly located on the 41st floor in the annex. Restoring a shack to the club has been buried in red tape, the club’s president James Sarte K2QI, told
    The station 4U1UN, which was formerly K2UN, is the 34th most wanted DX entity.
    Sarte said that the club is looking to restore operations on the grounds of the UN. He told DX-World-netthat equipment was recently donated to the club that will get it back on the air, and that a transceiver, amplifier and networking equipment are now in place. He said an antenna will be installed and tested – perhaps later this month – and things are looking optimistic.
    He told “I promise that 4U1UN will be back on the air soon.”
    For Amateur Radio Newsline, I’m Andy Morrison K9AWM.
    NEIL/ANCHOR: Further south in Texas, another station's about to get back on the air - a modest but enthusiastic contest station as Jim Damron N8TMW tells us.
    JIM D: Say the words "contest station" and the first thing that comes to mind is competition - but that's not necessarily all there is to it for contest station WR5O. This small but devoted team of Texans is getting back in the contest game after a few years hiatus and it owes its comeback to another word: cooperation. It’s that cooperative spirit that has kept this team a team while waiting for its comeback.
    BRENT: “It’s very exciting. We’ve all been sitting around talking about it and I’m an educator and I have summers not completely off but I have some time in the summer. So last summer and this summer I spent a lot of time just digging holes.”
    JIM: That’s Brent Scott WR5O. It's his call sign and his QTH – and those holes on his property – that will provide the new home base for this mid-level station.
    BRENT: “I just got the tower bases set last week and the hex beam is in the middle of the backyard. It has been constructed and tuned and ready to go and so everybody is getting excited.”
    JIM: “Everybody” in this case is that core group of fewer than a dozen local operators who are helping bring their modest but hard-working team station back to life. The team’s contesting days faded away after Brent had to dismantle it and move to a new house. The group – which is not a club but simply a group of radio enthusiasts – continued to spend time together doing SOTA activations, UHF/VHF events, public service and of course Elmering youngsters and even oldsters coming in later to the hobby. Now that the holes are getting dug and the concrete's been poured, the 50-foot Hex beam, the Inverted L, the Yaesu FT-DX 1200 and the Flex 6400M will have a big job to do.
    BRENT: “We’ll be doing a contest every weekend in November starting with sweepstakes….Look for us in sweepstakes for sure. I can’t wait to get back into it, I’m itching.”
    JIM: November will be here before you know it for WR5O - so welcome back these comeback kids!
    For Amateur Radio Newsline I’m Jim Damron N8TMW.
    NEIL/ANCHOR: Sometimes it takes a lifetime of work to receive presidential recognition - and one ham in New Jersey has accomplished just that, as Kevin Trotman N5PRE tells us.
    KEVIN: A New Jersey amateur with more than a half-century of volunteering with the U.S. Army’s Military Auxiliary Radio System, or MARS, has been recognized with a Lifetime Achievement Award from President Donald Trump. Throughout his long service as a volunteer, Dave Popkin W2CC/AAR2BU has been an Elmer and a trainer as well as net control for MARS radio nets in Region 2. Dave has also served as the New Jersey State Director for MARS.
    MARS Region 2 director Carver Washburn, W2TFM/AAA2RD, said that Dave’s volunteer time has included involvement with the HQ senior staff as well. His leadership extended into other areas of ham radio, including working as an FCC field inspector and ARRL Official Observer. He had been a leader in the New Jersey Phone Net and the Englewood Cliffs Amateur Radio Club’s operation on Field Day. Dave is also an ARRL Charter Life Member.
    The president grants this prestigious civilian award to honor volunteers who have devoted more than 4,000 hours of service. The honor was established by President George W. Bush through executive order.
    We at Newsline congratulate Dave for his lifetime of good work.
    For Amateur Radio Newsline, I’m Kevin Trotman N5PRE.
    BREAK HERE: Time for you to identify your station. We are the Amateur Radio Newsline, heard on bulletin stations around the world including the AH6LE repeater in Beavercreek and Wilsonville Oregon on Sundays at 6 p.m.
    NEIL/ANCHOR: In Australia, hams are experimenting with a different way to keep in touch. Graham Kemp VK4BB has those details.
    GRAHAM’s REPORT: Paging all Australian amateurs. Literally.
    A group of hams here in Australia is planning the rollout of an amateur paging network that will be linked across the internet and capable of sending messages via transmitters and hot spots around the country. The Decentralised Amateur Paging Network, as it will be known, will make use of two frequencies - 432.625 MHz, which is the same as a frequency used for a paging network in New Zealand, and 144.625 MHz. The system is based on a German application known as DAPNET. Participants must be licensed amateur radio operators.
    According to the organisers’ Facebook page, there already are amateur DAPNETs operating in Germany, the Netherlands, New Zealand and Canada. This project is being valled VKAPNET and its Facebook page was established to solicit as many hams as possible to participate and share their expertise. The network of pager transmitters is designed to send messages that can be addressed directly to an amateur operator’s call sign or transmit emergency and weather information based on regions.
    The system will make use of the standard asynchronous paging protocol known as POCSAG, which stands for Post Office Code Standardisation Advisory Group. The Facebook page is a closed group known as VKAPNET Paging and interested hams should visit the page and ask for inclusion in the group.
    For Amateur Radio Newsline I’m Graham Kemp VK4BB.
    NEIL/ANCHOR: Illegal traffic on the bands is getting easier and easier to pinpoint. Jeremy Boot G4NJH has those details.
    JEREMY’S REPORT: The latest edition of the International Amateur Radio Union Monitoring System newsletter for Region 1 reports some encouraging news about tracking down intruders on the ham radio bands with more precision. Use of the Kiwi-SDR system’s online bearing feature has worked effectively in finding illegal traffic in recent weeks. It noted that intruders were located on 40 meters from Northern Ireland where fishermen were using the frequency on a daily basis as if it were a telephone. Fisherman in Spain were found to be using 80 meters USB illegally with a voice scrambler. The newsletter also noted that in Morocco, fishermen were using 40 meters USB and 10 MHz USB regularly – both in the area near the Canary Islands and near Casablanca. They were heard discussing their daily schedule and making jokes about radio amateurs.
    The IARU also notes that reports of intruders on the bands can be reported on the Region 1 Monitoring System logger by visiting their website.
    The website URL appears in the printed script of this week’s newscast at
    For Amateur Radio Newsline I’m Jeremy Boot G4NJH.
    In the world of DX, you have a few more days to work special event station CY1R which has been on the air for the month of August celebrating two centuries of North America’s oldest recorded sporting event – the Royal St. John’s Regatta in Canada. Be listening all bands on SSB, CW, RTTY and FT8. QSL Via VO1IDX, OQRS, QRZ.COM and LOTW.
    NEIL/ANCHOR: We end this week's report by taking you to a very special event - Amateur Radio Newsline's presentation of its Young Ham of the Year award to this year's winner: Bryant Rascoll KG5HVO. Don Wilbanks AE5DW was there at the Huntsville ceremony along with our supporters and presenters. Don?
    DON: August 18, 2018 marked the 25th anniversary of the Newsline Young Ham Of The Year presentation at the Huntsville Hamfest in Alabama. Twenty five years ago, in 1993, Kevin Boudreaux, N5XMH was presented as the 8th Young Ham recipient and Huntsville has been home to the award ever since. The 2018 recipient, 14-year-old Bryant Rascoll KG5HVO is an impressive young man: I’d like to introduce you to Bryant Rascoll, KG5HVO. I normally have some bullet points about out Young Ham Of The Year, and normally it's a page. I've got a page and a half for Bryant and he's only been a ham for three years. Bryant’s enthusiasm for amateur radio got another family member interested: His mother just got her ham license not too long ago, KG5TQO, who has probably the best phonetics. What’s your mom's phonetics? The Queen Operator! And don't you forget it!!! His credentials are too numerous to mention here so I invite you to listen to the entire unedited presentation as a Newsline EXTRA on our website.
    Let’s hear from our presenters: Rich Moseson W2VU, CQ Magazine editor and member of the judging committee: “I've got to say I am completely blown away here! Not only by your accomplishments, Bryant, but by the fact that you're not alone. When we started doing this, having really accomplished young hams was something unique, something different, something unusual. In this room today we are surrounded by accomplished young hams. It’s so wonderful having been involved in youth recruitment myself for decades to be standing here and not saying "here is doing something uniquely different, but you’re not alone and that is fantastic because that’s what it’s all about.

    Dale "Scotty" Scott KF7MT, Yaesu USA: "I was sitting over there thinking back the movie 'Wayne’s World' where everybody sits there and says we’re not worthy. This is a great gentleman! We always hear conversations of where is our hobby going? It's shows like these that are so interesting and fascinating because you see so many youth, and they’re going past Technician. They’re becoming Generals and Extras. I think our hobby is in pretty good hands and we have a very good representative here.
    Bob Heil K9EID of Heil Sound: "What’s so great about this is I look around, we’re watching him grow. I cannot tell you how pleased Sarah and I are to be a part of this every year. We’ve been in it, Bill Pasternak who has been a friend of mine since 1958, and we always wanted to do more for ham radio and when he started this, this is the epitome of what ham radio can be. Thanks very much. I’m so proud, so proud."
    Emmett Hohensee, W0QH of RadioWavz antennas: "Every year since we’ve started doing this, seven years now, I’ve become more and more amazed at what the youth are doing. A young man like Bryant is spending his time developing things, doing new things, going beyond what we would even consider to be normal as far as what can I do on 2 meters, what can I do on 440, what can I do on HF. Pushing the envelope. One thing I can say now, never stop dreaming. The thing that I’m really amazed at is he got hooked on ham through the Scouts, he’s in the process of getting his Eagle. I’m surrounded by Eagles and people who are of the Eagle nature are unique in character."
    DON: Time now to hear from our 2018 Young Ham, Bryant Rascoll KG5HVO. I want you to notice how he thanks others and always puts them before him. His humility is genuine and comes from the heart. A great reflection on his parents and family.
    BRYANT: "I am ecstatic to receive this award. It is truly just a reflection on the great work and mentorship that my great Elmers have invested in me and many others. Without their help and guidance, myself and many others would have not had so many unique opportunities in Amateur Radio. I would specifically like to thank Chuck NO5W, John KC5KWZ, Dallas K1DW, Ted KN5O and Jerry N5GKJ, and even you Don for all their help and guidance. I look forward to continuing this journey of amateur radio and learning a lot more than I do right now, so thank you."
    DON: We were thrilled to share the stage with our 2011 recipient Kaitlyn Cole, KS3P, the Alabama section youth coordinator as she handed off that position to Warren Whitby W4RRN, the 2018 Alabama section Outstanding Youth Ham Of The Year, who received that honor alongside our own Young Ham Of The Year. Bill Pasternak’s passion was youth in Amateur Radio and education. We’re keeping his legacy alive with the Bill Pasternak WA6ITF Amateur Radio Newsline Young Ham Of The Year. Again, the entire ceremony is up on our EXTRA page at Congratulations to Bryant Rascoll, KG5HVO. We’ll do this all over again next August. For Amateur Radio Newsline I’m Don Wilbanks, AE5DW.
    NEWSCAST CLOSE: With thanks to Alan Labs; Amateur News Weekly; AMSAT; ARISS: the ARRL; Carver Washburn W2TFM/AAA2RD; CQ Magazine; CNN; DX-World.Net; Facebook; the Guardian; Hap Holly and the Rain Report; the IARU; Irish Radio Transmitters Society; National Institute of Standards and Technology; Ohio-Penn DX Bulletin; QST Magazine; Southgate Amateur Radio News; Ted Randall's QSO Radio Show; the Times of India; Wireless Institute of Australia; WTWW Shortwave; and you our listeners, that's all from the Amateur Radio Newsline. Please send emails to our address at More information is available at Amateur Radio Newsline's only official website at
    For now, with Caryn Eve Murray, KD2GUT, at the news desk in New York, and our news team worldwide, I'm Neil Rapp WB9VPG in Bloomington Indiana saying 73 and as always we thank you for listening.
    Amateur Radio Newsline(tm) is Copyright 2018. All rights reserved.
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    Hi there KB7TBT... I'd just like to thank you for posting these transcripts as I really enjoy reading them.. Your efforts are much appreciated..
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    congrats kb8odf /dave parks for his newest endeavor for amateur radio newsline...congrats
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