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AM Heavy Metal Rally 160 & 75 Sat. Dec. 22

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by Guest, Dec 19, 2001.

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  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    An invitation and reminder from the AM Community about the upcoming AM Heavy Metal Rally [QSO party], from local sunset continuing all night Saturday, December 22, 2001.


    An invitation and reminder from the AM Community about the upcoming AM Heavy Metal Rally [QSO party], from local sunset continuing all night Saturday, December 22, 2001.

    This is our showcase event for firing up those lovingly-converted, restored, and homebrewed pieces of Big Iron on our ham bands, and play them to a wider appreciative audience who operate the more common vintage and contemporary radios, including those usually used on SSB.

    But featured will be those running "250 Watts or 250 Pounds". This event is a chance to hear the glorious sounds of converted broadcast rigs, big homebrew iron, KW-1s, old shipboard radios (MacKay, anyone?), BC-610s and T-368s from you military guys.

    As last year, a fabulous trophy will be awarded the station/operator voted the 'best sounding', as votes nationwide are sent to and tabulated by Electric Radio magazine, Barry Wiseman N6CSW, publisher.

    Last year's winner was Mike, WN3B, running a 1940's vintage Gates 250-C, a retired broadcast transmitter brought up to the shortwave ham bands.

    Suggested operating frequencies are:

    <center> 1885 KC USA, east of Mississippi
    1900 KC, USA West

    3880-3890 KC and 3830 on 75 meters

    7290 on 40 meters</center>

    Light up the tubes or push the button marked A M and catch you there!
  2. K4TAX

    K4TAX XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Running my restored and converted CCA AM1000D, I plan to be on 1885 that evening.
    Bob K4TAX
    Sparta, TN
  3. WA3VJB

    WA3VJB Ham Member QRZ Page

    I produced a two minute demonstration now running on the Amateur Radio Newsline audio service, illustrating what these Big Rigs sound like. Please take a listen, and here's hoping you can join us Saturday night.

    Regards, Paul/WA3VJB

    click on newscast #1271
  4. WA3VJB

    WA3VJB Ham Member QRZ Page

    Here is the logbook for only one of about 5 frequencies on 75 meters populated with vintage AM activity for the rally tonight. I understand 160 was even more popular...

    <BLOCKQUOTE>Quote from Tom, K1JJ: "People were just wandering around, like a big party!"</BLOCKQUOTE>

    <BLOCKQUOTE> <TT>3880 kilocycles 0000 GMT </TT> </BLOCKQUOTE>

    K3ZX Mark B&W5100B SX101A

    WN3B Mike Gates 250-C retired BC xmtr

    K8VWX Roy homebrew, mod transformer alone is 200lbs.

    WA3FFC Scott Johnson Pacemaker/Thunderbolt

    N3XON Gary BC610F

    WB3ETN Dave T368

    KB3AHE Frank homebrew 4-1000

    WA1KNX Dean DX100

    N3WWL Jay 32V2

    K8GJW John HT40

    W0BD Dave homebrew pair of 813s

    K1MBX Roger DX100

    KA3ZLR Jack FT101ZD

    K1KHP John T368

    KB1GHM Enzo Johnson Ranger

    KC8OPP Roger Viking II

    N4VL Glen Gates BCA250 retired BC xmtr

    N2INR Gary 1949 Collins 21-E retired BC xmtr

    K1JJ Tom homebrew pair of 50C5, triode connected

    W8MAQ Jim 1946 Collins 300-G retired BC xmtr

    KA8WTK Bill DX100

    W2ZM Bob 1938 RCA BC250F retired BC xmtr

    WB2FOF Bob Globe 400B

    W9VG John Viking 500 and RCA BTA 250M on 160

    WA2PZI Larry DX100

    WA2TUM Rich T368

    KG0LD Bill Viking II

    N1GMV John Tempo One

    VE3LZ John B&W5100

    KG4LFZ Eddie missed the rig

    WA1HUM Dana ricebox

    N8ECR Mike homebrew pair of 250TH modulating a pair of 250TH

    K3XF Art Johnson 500

    KF3CU Mike "just a rice box but just listening"

    WD8BIL Bud modified Viking

    W4AUV Dale TX1

    AG3N John Pair of 810s modulating sgl. 304TL

    W8MNQ Bob Johnson Desk

    K1KP Tony DX60

    WX1O Bruce DX100

    W1GIG Tim RCA ACT 150 from WSM Radio

    <UL>KD0HG Bill homebrew 304TL[/list]

    Bill is the founder and organizer of the Heavy Metal Rally
    <BLOCKQUOTE> <TT>end 75M QSY to 40M 0300Z<TT> </BLOCKQUOTE>
  5. KA8WTK

    KA8WTK Ham Member QRZ Page

    I hope you all had a chance to hear the Heavy Metal event last evening. Even if your ham radio does not have AM filters, this was a great chance to fire up an antique receiver, old S-38 or another SWL type radio.
    Here we had the Philco 38-8 and the '37 Silvertone warmed up and producing the rich sounds from the "full bodied" old BC transmitters. I hope you gave this a try.
    As a suggestion for next years event, why not some sort of award for the SWL in all of us who enjoys listening to this event? Sort of a Heavy Metal Listener type award for those using 50+ year old receivers, or something similar. Hearing can be believing if you just give it a try.
    Just a thought.

    Remember, Amateur starts witm AM. Bill KA8WTK
  6. WA3VJB

    WA3VJB Ham Member QRZ Page

    Got this logbook after I posted the above. --Paul/WA3VJB

    Here is another logbook to add to Pauls for 3.880. I started taking calls where he left off starting with the same station. Mike/WN3B

    KD0HG Bill 304TL x 810's

    N3LHB Ed 4-250 x 4-125's

    W0ZKN Bernie T-368

    KA3ZLR Jack Yaesu 20 watts

    W9VG John Johnson ? (I missed the transmitter)

    N0BD Dave 813's x 813's

    N8AZC Arlin HT32, sb-200

    WB3ETN Dave T-368


    W8AHB Jack 833's x 833's

    NM1H John BC-610E

    W8CAR Dan Ranger

    W9JN John Apache

    KC3OL Ted DX60, Thunderbolt

    KG2IR Nick 4-400's x 4-400's

    W2DTC Ken Ranger, linear

    W1GIG Tim 808 x 811's

    N1ZSP Dave Ranger, linear

    KF3CU Mike TBS50, linear

    KZ4B John SB1400, linear

    N8JRJ Steve GATES BC1G

    WD8BIL Bud Viking 1, linear

    W3YGC Stan Valiant

    WB3CTC Mike ART-13

    K9BBA Tony T-368

    WA1SSJ Wayne 813 x 811's

    W9MDX Larry HT37, linear?

    KA3SDB Ed DX60B

    K9GEC Ron Rice box

    W1FRM Guy 813's x 805's

    KE0MT Jeff BC-610

    KB1YZQ (?) Scott Kenwood TS-930

    WA2CWA Pete CE100V

    KA8GEF Emil B&W 5100B

    N2JBX Steve 756 PRO, linear

    WB8BPA Don Viking II

    KB2NSE Paul FT-1000, linear

    W2HU Ried FT-102

    VE2JWH Jimmy Kenwood

    K2JVM Herb BC-610

    W0AH Doug AF67, linear

    AA8TV Ed DX-100

    W3NCC Richard 3-500z x 810's

    About 06:30z things started to wind down and the group turned into a round table with me going to bed after a late night last night working on a receiver.

    75 and 160 had AM activity all over the place, what a great time.

    Mike / WN3B
  7. WA3VJB

    WA3VJB Ham Member QRZ Page

    From Don, W6BCN

    Wow! what FB sig's on 75m last night. Here on the West Coast it was ruff getting over the "rocky's" transmit wise but mid west & east stations were just booming in receive wise.

    Best audio heard was between Mike (KO6NM)and Dave (KF6YKZ) with their retired AM transmitters. Bob (W2ZM) was heard by all out here, but he could not hear the West Coast.

    Doug (W0AH) did a fb yomens job on 3885 helping us west coasters qso with the east. Tonight, tho guys drag your feet a liitle bit so we can join in on your qso's

    and from Paul, K2ORC

    After a quick check in with some of the boys on my Drake TR-4C, I too did the SWL thing, running an SX-110 through the audio system in the shack. I even rolled tape catching a part of N2INR's QSO with Bill 'HG out in Colorado. All that's left to say is, "Wow! Whatta night!"
    Paul K2ORC
    (Maine, NY
  8. WA3VJB

    WA3VJB Ham Member QRZ Page

    From Bill KD0HG in Colo.
    comments are part of a thread on the AM Window web page...

    Sorry about the no-copy...There were several AM stations on 1885 from So Cal and Arizona beating up on you guys out east here...pretty bad static crashes as well. Also had to keep running off to visit with house guests upstairs.
    [no way to work a 'contest', hi!]
    Thanks for the kind comments, Joe. Well, there's still a few days left in this long weekend and we'll look you or anyone else wanting CO on 160 AM over the next few nights- I'll make a point to light up La Bamba on Top Band.



    : Bill,
    : I turned it over to Duane KK4AM who turned it over to you shortly thereafter. Duane called, I called and a few 1-landers called for you and didn't hear you. Thought you may have QSYed. You were 5X5 into SE PA. - great signal. We had Ray WD2AFJ, Dale VE1AAM, Dave W3NP, NE1S and a few others on freq.
    : Hope to catch u soon and Merry Christmas.

    : 73 de Joe N3IBX
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