Alinco DX-SR8T Problems Using Straight Key

Discussion in 'General Technical Questions and Answers' started by W4DKV, Apr 12, 2016.

  1. KB1CKT

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    Odd problem. Input seems robust on the paddles, with zener and cap. I'll echo what Steve asks, does this happen with a dummy load? Is it all bands? I wonder, if you put it to the lowest CW speed (on keyer), if a dah will lock it up also (might not, might not be long enough).

    Just to verify, nothing in the accessory jack? Just to rule out another path for RF to get into the radio.

  2. W4DKV

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    I have once again put the issue on hold hihi. But I can answer one question; it doesn’t do it on the dummy load and that indicates issue with rf pickup but haven’t tested on any other bands, just on 40 meters, cuz if I can’t get that band to work am just relegating the rig to spare or possibly mobile use!
  3. KB1CKT

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    RF pickup can be a beast to figure out. Clamp on chokes on the usual suspects (any wire coming out of the radio), but: I would try a 33' counterpoise on the radio. 33'? Plus/minus say 10' might be good enough. Use the GND screw on the back. The idea being, it will help put the radio at an RF ground. [The end of the wire may have high voltage on it, so don't put it in the cat's bed. Or do if it's the wife's cat.]
  4. HB9FIH

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    hmm hard. Did you connect only the tip and GND?
    I've made it today early. After played around it was ok. Then I had several QSO's with AUTO QSK and with delay 3 and 5 - all was ok.
    Maybe other firmware, my is the DX-SR8
  5. HB9FIH

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    shit - not solved ... just now 18:30 UTC had a QSO on 3569 (I am în QTH TA3 Turkey at this time) with my club HB9HTC --- and it hangs again !!!!!
    after turned full QSK and had an QSO on 3568 with OE Austria for nearly 30 minutes - and all worked.
    It seems I have to use the internal keyer too...
  6. W4DKV

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    Yep. Fine rig if you like internal keyer!
  7. WA3QGD

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    wow the old armstrong never had those kind of problems one needed to stay above earth to avoid a nasty nippe.
  8. KF5RBR

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    Hello. I have good news and bad news. The good news is that I have the same radio and the same problem, and I Repair electronics for a living.
    The bad news is that I have been through the entire radio without any success. The problem is that the cpu is locking up, although I have probed the inputs/outputs, voltage regulators, powers supply etc without any avail. This appears to be a design flaw. It seems to do it on both a dummy load as well as an antenna regardless of frequency, I have tried both switching and linear power supplies with no difference. The only time I was able to get it to work properly with a straight key was after I had replaced some diodes on the PA board for a separate issue. For some reason that made the problem go away for about 6 months until I re opened the case to adjust something and then it stated acting up again. I suppose that when I removed and reinstalled the board, that something might of gotten moved or heated, fixing the problem temporarily. It could be a bad component somewhere, an intermittent trace, etc. I eventually gave up on trying to diagnose it and purchased some MFJ paddles, and I used the internal auto keyer without anymore lock up. I tried to talk to the people at alnico but they essentially gave me the brush off. From my research it appears that this is a problem common to most off these radios. My best suggestion would be to either purchase some paddles or a different radio.
  9. WE6C

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    I've seen this problem twice but with other rigs. One time the antenna was very close to the radio so assumed an RF problem. Not sure if it was a key problem or not but transmit would hang up. The other time was a ground loop.
  10. N0MAP

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    I wound up on this thread because I too have one of these radios and it's exhibiting the same problem. I am about 98% sure it has something to do with overheating due to load. If I call CQ for awhile, have a QSO or two, then call CQ again for awhile, it'll lock up. If I let it sit for awhile or drop back to 10w, it'll work again. If you transmit too long normally (in ssb for instance) the fans come on warning you it's overheating, but that does not happen in this case (which is maybe why it locks up?). In any case, it has the effect of making the radio pretty useless for 100w straight key CW.

    I only paid $200 for the rig, so it is what it is for me. If I'd bought this new I'd be unhappy for sure.

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