Alda 103

Discussion in '"Boat Anchor" & Classic Equipment' started by W2MFT, Jun 17, 2010.

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  1. W2MFT

    W2MFT Ham Member QRZ Page

    I have an alda 103 and was wondering who really manufactured this radio. I know Alda was in southern California, but I'm sure it didn't just spring up and start making radios. Just curious to it's history.
  2. KB4QAA

    KB4QAA XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    I saw this same question asked about two weeks ago somewhere (maybe it was you). That got me interested. I found two or three comments scattered across the web implying that Kachina made it. One poster noted the similarity in hardware components(particularly the tuning) between the Alda 103 and the later produced Kachina Civil Air Patrol HF radio,

  3. K0MHP

    K0MHP Ham Member QRZ Page

    On the Swan network, a reliable source there stated one time that some Swan engineers retired and pooled their resources and began Alda Radio Co. they were made in oceanside, california. not in japan.

    a lot of its circuits resemble swan / atlas / cubic solid state. so i am told. and it is modular and ahead of its time.

    it has a hot receiver... very selective.

    here are the comments from the swan group
    Re: [Swan-Network] Alda Radio

    The Alda radios were made by a couple of Swan employees After they left
    Swan and cashed in their retirement, they opened up the Alda radio company
    down the street from Swan. The radios really share a resemblance to the Swan line.

    That's about all I know about it.

    Marty, thanks for the info on Alda.

    Rick had my 103 for repairs and i asked him about the Swan
    connection , after i saw the Oceanside in the Alda's manual, but he thot there might be, but he was not sure.

    he said in some ways the Aldas were way ahead of their time and somewhat
    better engineered the Atlas designs.

    which leads to the question -- did these "guys" run into the proverbial
    brick wall with the powers to be at Swan / Cubic who would not use their
    design -- for what ever reason -- BUT had they listened, Swan would have lead the way at competing with the Yaesu, Kenwood, etc.

    73, Wade
    Hi Wade,

    I think Swan was doomed once Henry Radio started importing the Tempo
    (Yaesu) and Kenwood (Trio) radios from Japan. Japan had low wages at the time and were starting up by copying the most advanced solid state designs.

    They were also dumping electronics at prices that couldn't be matched in the US. I think most of the American manufacturers were able to hold on for a while by bidding on military and other government contracts that were for US
    companies only. Remember, Swan was also importing the watt meters and 2 meter FM rigs from Japan.

    Stu probably knows more about the story than I do. I heard my part from John. I saw an Alda 103 at a hamfest a couple of years ago. It resembled a Swan so much, I had to ask John about it.

  4. W2MFT

    W2MFT Ham Member QRZ Page


    Thanks for the info guys...I appreciate it...
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