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Acceptable DX Operation

Discussion in 'On-Air Operations - Q&A' started by W4AVZ, Aug 1, 2017.

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  1. KP4SX

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    Nope, not acceptable. A Wouff Hong offense. If they wanted to talk to you rather than trying for the DX then they wouldn't be in the pileup! Your careful wording suggests that you get it :)
  2. W6NYA

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    It's easy to get frustrated in the pileup--someone will always be louder than you. Try all the strategies mentioned above, esp the timing one..... I just try to take a deep breath and remember Im doing it for fun, not money. About the only thing that gets my goat is the odd station or two that think its ok to keep transmitting their call sign over and over and over and over, stepping on the entire pileup and usually also the poor dx station trying to respond to someone as well. I heard one guy pushing...(well lets be nice and call it at the legal limit )-- he was hollering his callsign over and over and when the dx station didn't respond he just blurted out "turn on your damn receiver!!!!) and then went away. Then you just take another breath and try

  3. N2SUB

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    Quick story.....My father, my brother and I were in my Dad's shack. Dad and I had been licensed for over 20 years, but my brother is new to HF, like you. Dad runs some serious power, and he worked the DX on the first call. Then he told my brother to try.....and he called and called for about 15 minutes but never broke through. My brother was discouraged and walked out to use the bathroom, and so I gave it a whirl. I got through on the first call. We never told my brother about that. ;) Experience counts for something.

    I do not run a lot of power and I've only got a Dipole because I'm in an HOA restricted area. A few things that will help......
    Listen to WHEN the DX station responds. Sometimes they take the first station they hear, sometimes the last. Adjust when you push the PTT to match when you want to be heard in the pileup.
    Listen to WHAT phonetics he is using. If he is using strict phonetics, you do the same. If not, try to match the phonetics of a station you have heard him work
    Listen to HOW the DX station talks. If he talks fast, you talk fast. Match his speed if you can
    Listen to WHERE the DX station is transmitting. Often times they are a little off the frequency +/-10Hz.
    SMILE when you are transmitting.....the DX would rather talk to a happy pea shooter station than a legal limit grumpy old man shouting into the mic.
    LIMIT the number of calls. Often I'll set a limit of 5 or 10 calls. If I don't get through in that number of calls, I note the frequency, spin the knob and come back later. DX will be getting lonely.
    HAVE FUN. It's just a hobby. If you get discouraged, throw the switch and try again later.

    The only time a station took me off frequency from a pileup was when he worked the DX and asked the station if he could make a call. Then he called me and we moved. It's generally not a good practice. Welcome to HF.
  4. WE4E

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    I'll echo what some others have said. Sometimes it's technique more than brute force. Sometimes the band is with you and sometimes it isn't.

    Like N2SUB said, listen to what the DX answers and try to be that. Sometimes being first to call gets it, sometimes it's being the straggler. If you want to catch a mouse, make a noise like a cheese.

    I run a barefoot FT-1000 and an 80m efhw at about 25'. Sometimes I get the first call, sometimes I don't get out of the yard. The times I do get it, I'm sure it's the band and my technique that does it. And I don't mean to suggest that I'm some experienced DX wizard. Not at all.

    And sometimes you have to know when to spin to win. If it's a day where the entire eastern seaboard is calling the DX and some stations are repeating their callsigns and just all of that, I just move along. There's no DX I have to have that badly.

    And to your original question, no, in my estimation anyway, it is not proper at all to make a side call on any frequency much less one with active DX on it.

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