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Discussion in 'Stolen Radios, Scams and Rip-Offs' started by K4FX, Apr 7, 2018.

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  1. KB3VWG

    KB3VWG Ham Member QRZ Page

    I see you added i to your forum page; but you might want to add the this warning on your QRZ bio as well.
  2. AJ4GQ

    AJ4GQ Ham Member QRZ Page

    Per our phone conversation, please put your email on your callsign page and a disclaimer on your Biography page. One of the QRZ Moderators can help you do that.
  3. KB2COP

    KB2COP XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Yes, I’m finding that out now. I can’t believe this happened. So very pissed but I’ve never had anything like this happen before.
    Last edited: Apr 28, 2018
  4. KB2COP

    KB2COP XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    My money went to and the account was under Bernice Gentry.
  5. KB2COP

    KB2COP XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Not according to PayPal at this point. I am hardly finished pursuing this.
  6. KB2COP

    KB2COP XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Ruben, for crying out loud why are you not posting a disclaimer anywhere??? I looked your info. up via your call sign. Had there been a warning of some sort I would have never engaged in the transaction. Please, let’s try to end this now!!!! If you refuse I will have no alternative but to ask QRZ to step in and remove your account. Your refusal is beginning to appear as collusion.
    Last edited: Apr 28, 2018
  7. KN7S

    KN7S Swapmeet Moderator Emeritus Volunteer Moderator Platinum Subscriber QRZ Page

    He has already posted several times and in several locations on QRZ that he has nothing to do with this apparent scam. Right now it appears that you may have answered and purchased via an unsolicited e-mail. AB4WM it seems had no part in this sale.
    The Stolen Radios, Scams and Ripoffs thread exists so that potential buyers can be warned, hopefully, before making a purchase.
    His QRZ account is clean and therefore it will not be closed until there is evidence that it has been compromised.
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  8. KJ4POM

    KJ4POM Ham Member QRZ Page

    there is guy claiming to be you right now trying to sell me a 756 pro III for 820 not a Kenwood 820 but $820
    Last edited: Apr 29, 2018
  9. KJ4POM

    KJ4POM Ham Member QRZ Page

  10. KJ4POM

    KJ4POM Ham Member QRZ Page

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