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Discussion in 'Suggestions and New Feature Requests' started by M0TGN, Aug 23, 2010.

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  1. M0TGN

    M0TGN Ham Member QRZ Page

    Dear all,

    Well let me start by saying well done for a great log book system. I have over the past couple of weeks been thinking to myself what would elevate this logbook system, and make it a truly indispensable system for any shack. Well I’ve looked into my operating procedure, and a couple of close friends who all face similar problems, and I believe the QRZ log book could go a long way to resolving these issues.

    QSO forwarding.

    Applications like Ham Radio Deluxe offer a QSO forwarding function that allows their log book system to upload or transcribe information from that log book to a third party application. Is it possible that QRZ logbook could also accept an ADIF export from such a system ?

    for example I add a logbook entry into HRD and it uploads (using the QSO forwarding function already built in) to QRZ. this would be great as all my log books would be synchronised, and leads me onto my second point.

    Mobile edition

    I like to operate not only at home, but mobile and portable. I often keep scrap pieces of paper in the car, which never get consolidated into any logbook, and rarely get a QSL card. So with mobile phone coverage now practically everywhere, is it possible to make a mobile phone (iPhone or Android style) version of the logbook add section. This would be great as i can log them there and then. Also relating to my first request, I can the once back in the shack download my “mobile” uploads synchronise all the logbooks and process QSL cards etc. Again having an online logbook along with my main station logbook would be great. If nothing else it’s a great back up my station log if anything should go wrong.( as is now the cool thing to do – Cloud computing !)

    Sub log books or Calendar

    My third request may need some thought. I often go on DXpeditions, and good friends of mine have “outings” about 2 or 3 times a year. Is it possible to make new sub logbooks, or separate books for such an occasion. Again thinking on how I would use this; this would be great when contesting being able to identify which contacts were made in National Field Day 2009 or 2010 or while I was on holiday in Portugal. It may even be that a logbook Calendar could be added ? So i can add what i’m doing on any given time etc, then filter from that.

    Log uploads.

    Currently we can all export from our in shack log book. This is great. However I have noticed that once they are uploaded and you review the log book from the profile page the order in which they are displayed is not the QSO date time, rather they are ordered by the order in which they were uploaded (last one in first one out etc). Can it be possible to either re order them by QSO date, of give the option to reorder the columns to how ever you want ?

    I hope these requests are not seen as arrogant or that I’m ungrateful. I really like this system. Its web based which means no matter where you are, you can access it. If it is possible to extend its reach to other devices / systems i believe this logbook will become THE logbook that everyone will use.

    Kind regards and 73

    Dan (M0TGN)
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