572B Tubes for FL2100-B

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio Amplifiers' started by VE3TMT, May 21, 2019.

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  1. WB2WIK

    WB2WIK Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    Best deal (that I've found) is staying at Air BNB's and not hotels, and then find ones where the owner is a local and lives in the other half of the house or similar...and then ask them to cook, so you can be part of that experience! (And contribute to the cost of the meals, which will still be cheaper than restaurants.):)

    Wow, we stayed in one place where the owners were older folks who spoke limited English but they spoke some. The "mama" cooked a couple of dinners for us, and holy cow...the cooking starts before noon and service starts at about 4 PM...and dessert and after-dinner liqueurs finally come around 7 PM. 5-6 courses, all home cooked and unbelievable. I watched pretty closely and learned some stuff you don't find in cookbooks.:p
  2. VE3TMT

    VE3TMT XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    The couple travelling with us booked hotels in Venice and Rome on their points. I booked an airBNB in Florence. Maybe I'll get lucky and find some NOS 572B's while I'm over there!
  3. N8VIL

    N8VIL Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    While your in Italy, maybe you can score one of those fancy RM Italy amps on the cheap! :)
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  4. G3YRO

    G3YRO Ham Member QRZ Page

    I have found the Chinese 572Bs to be just as good as the original Cetron ones fitted by Yaesu . . .

    And I bought mine direct from China, for a fraction of the price of buying them from RF Parts !

    Roger G3YRO
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  5. N8FVJ

    N8FVJ Ham Member QRZ Page

    It is reported about 2 year life with Chinese 572B during normal use and 25+ years with the Cetron 572B. Tubes are equal? Not in the least. Buy NOS Cetron 572B for about $30 more as they show up on ebay vs Chinese.
  6. K5ABB

    K5ABB XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    I too have had good luck with the RF Parts 572B's... Good solid tubes generally, I don't know exactly "who" is reporting 2 yr lifespans on these tubes, But I'm not familiar with their amp tuning abilities either... so always consider the source. FWIW I haven't seen any NOS Cetrons for sale at below STUPID prices for quite some time on ebay or anywhere else.
  7. N8FVJ

    N8FVJ Ham Member QRZ Page

    Two new Cetron 572B sold on ebay for $65 each on May 1 and one sold for $72 on May 24th. The tube is getting a little scarce. Chinese 572B are spotty in performance on eham reviews. Myself? I have Cetron 572B in my amp.
  8. G3YRO

    G3YRO Ham Member QRZ Page

    The trouble with eHam reviews is that they're rather like Trip Advisor . . .

    Most people only bother posting something if they have something BAD to say ! The majority of happy customers don't bother posting.

    I've personally found the Chinese 572Bs give about ten years of hard use before they start losing emission . . . just the same as the Cetron ones. (by hard use I mean 1200w input on CW, including in Contests for hours on end, which actually exceeds their ratings)

    Roger G3YRO
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  9. N8FVJ

    N8FVJ Ham Member QRZ Page

    Cetron 572B last much longer than 10 years in normal operation per your post. Many HF amps have original Cetron 572B producing full power that were made 30 years ago and last Cetron 572B were made in around 1993 or over 25 years old. So, explain any amplifier with Cetron tubes that still make full power after 25 years with original Cetron 572B as advertised by hams.

    I cannot prove it, but I highly doubt the Chinese 572B tubes use the titanium getter on the filaments and plate like Cetron and Svetlana 572B that maintain high vacuum. And, I doubt Chinese take the time to pull the vacuum higher than 10 to -6 Torr when Cetron and Svetlana used a higher vacuum.

    You post that Chinese 572Bs are as good as Cetron 572Bs is misinforming the ham community. You really want to tell hams the Chinese 572bs are as good? NOT!
    Last edited: May 30, 2019
  10. G3YRO

    G3YRO Ham Member QRZ Page

    Mine didn't !

    But as I say, I ran mine pretty hard . . . and am pretty active, so in 10 years they get a LOT of hard use.

    The point I was making was that I have found that the Chinese ones last just as long as the Cetron ones.

    Roger G3YRO

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