30 years Military Radio Collection Liquidation

Discussion in 'Ham Radio Gear For Sale' started by KB0SFP, May 25, 2009.

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  1. KB0SFP

    KB0SFP Ham Member QRZ Page

    (May 25/09). I'm going to liquidate most of my collection & keep only what I can actually use. I'll start with the latter model equipment & work my way back to pre WW-II stuff, then go with the odd pieces. Sorry, if it is too big or heavy to be shipped by mail, I won't ship it. If you don't see what you need, ask.

    AT-1082/PRC, direction finding antenna for PRC-25, -77 etc. $25(spoken for)

    A-510, HF/AM/CW Aussie/UK SAS/SOG complete set backpack transceiver, in wood transit case, $1000.

    Astro 150R, HF/SSB Military rack mount version of Cubic 150D. Not working $275.00
    PSU-7R, matching rack mount power supply/speaker/phone patch for above. $150.00

    ER-79, LB/VHF/FM complete set French, like PRC-10A, $150.00.

    FSE 38/58, LB/VHF/FM hand carried transceiver, German, w/rare canvas bag, helmet antenna, xtals, spare batteries box, manual copy, $125.00

    GRC-109, transmitter, receiver, & both power supplies, acc box & manual, working. $1000.

    Mk-128, HF/CW UK clandestine SAS complete packset trans/rec in canvas bag, $1000(spoken for).

    P-103(R-103), LB/VHF/FM backpack transceiver, Russian/Vietcong capture. $400.00

    P-105(R-105), LB/VHF/FM East German/Russian, w/all acc & transit case. $200.00

    P-126(R-126), LB/VHF/FM East Germa/Russian spec forces transceiver, w/bag, antenna, audio acc, manual copy. $200.00

    P-139(R-139), LB/VHF/FM modern Eastern European pack set, w/antenna, handsets & other acc, ops unknown. $250.

    PMC-12/RT-12, Stoner HF/AM/SSB backpack transceiver, two radios one tested & operational, w/manual(took 10 years to find). $325.00

    PRC-6, LB/VHF/FM hand held transceiver, w/antenna. Operational $125.00.

    PRC-6, as above except Israeli, Operational $100.00.

    PRC-6/6, as above except German 6 channel. $175.00(spoken for)

    PRC-8A, LB/VHF/FM Backpack transceiver, w/battery box, tape antenna & other acc, operational, $175.

    PRC-9A, LB/VHF/FM Backpack transceiver, w/battery box, tape antenna & other acc, operational, $165.

    PRC-10A, LB/VHF/FM Backpack transceiver, w/battery box, tape antenna & other acc, operational, $135.
    AM-598 audio amp/pwr supply for above. $100.00

    PRC-14, UHF/AM RT unit only operation unknown(may have manuals & canvas bag too extra $25), $50.

    PRC-16, see RT-70

    PRC-17A, VHF/AM hand held downed airman's rescue transceiver. $125.00

    PRC-21, VHF/FM transceiver, w/antenna(rare), handset, pack/straps & manual. $125.00

    PRC-25, LB/VHF/FM, backpack transceiver, w/battery box, tape antenna, operational, $285.

    CPRC-26, VHF/FM Backpack transceiver, w/battery box, full set xtals, antennas, rare canvas carry bag & other acc, operational, $200.

    PRC-28, LB/VHF/FM, Backpack transceiver, w/battery box, tape antenna & other acc, ops unkown, $135

    PRC-36(XC-2), LB/VHF/FM, packset, w/battery box & parts radio, very rare experimental, operational. $500.
    PRC-40, HB/VHF/FM complete packset, w/mic, antenna, canvas bag(maybe manual), $125.

    PRC-41, UHF/AM packset, w/antenna, & battery box, operation unknown, $185.

    PRC-61, VHF/FM Hand carried portable transceiver, Motorola "Draggie Talkie", $100.00

    PRC-64, HF/AM/CW transceiver, complete set with all accessories & manual. Operation unknown. $1000.

    PRC-71, HF/VHF/UHF/SSB/CW/FM/AM four transceiver set, RT-775, RT-776, RT-777, RT-778, & very rare(very thick) manual. $1000(spoken for).

    PRC-72/RT-837, UHF/AM pack transceiver, $125.00

    PRC-72, HF/SSB transceiver, parts, $135.00

    PRC-77, LB/VHF/FM backpack transceiver, w/battery box, operational, $450.00
    AM-2060, Audio amp pwr sup for above & PRC-25, $150.00
    AM-1088, 50w Transworld Mount & RF amp for above & PRC-1077. $400.00

    PRC-91A VHF/FM hand held transceiver by Comco, w/rare leather case/charger & antenna. $125.00.

    PRC-126, LB/VHF/FM Hand held transceiver, w/carry bag, antenna, battery, & extras, operational, $500.00

    PRC-349(Racal BCC-349), LB/VHF/FM hand held transceiver, w/carry harness, antenna, audio acc, battery, Desert Storm capture, operational, $200.00

    PRC-439, LB/VHF/FM Italian/Iraqi pack set, Desert Storm bring back, w/battery box, operation unkown, $300.

    CPRC-510, VHF/FM Backpack transceiver(like PRC-10A), w/battery box, tape antenna, rare canvas carry bag & other acc, operational, $175.

    PRC-602?, LB/VHF/FM HT Israeli Sylvania(looks like PRC-90), operation unknown, $125ea, several avail.

    PRC-6063, Packet Radio controler, $100.00

    PRR-15, HF/VHF/AM/CW/SSB, portable counter intelligence surveillance receiver, w/lid, operational but may not be to spec. $300.

    SEM-35, LB/VHF/FM backpack transceiver, w/battery box, tape antenna. operational. $200.00

    SEM-52A, LB/VHF/FM handheld transceiver w/carry harness, antenna, headset, Desert Storm capture(yes it was!). operational $165.00

    R-54/APR-4, VHF/UHF aircraft Search receaver with several plug-ins, $200.00.

    R-390A(Stewart Warner), works, I used it in the shack until it was replaced by the 51J-4. Has top cover. $500 local pickup only.

    R-390A(Electronic Assistance Corp), bought it at a hamfest years ago, checked it & put it away, it works. Has top & bottom covers. $650 local pickup only.

    R-394/PRD-1, HF/AM/CW portable direction finding receiver. W/DF ant, battery box, pwr sup, & manual, chkd. $650 local pickup.

    R-744/PRR, HF/VHF/AM/FM portable counter intelligence/surveillance receivers, 3receivers(1 parts) shock mount, manual, need repair, $250.00

    R-1051, HF/SSB/AM receiver, was purchased as working but doesn't. $250.00.

    R-1410(XE-2)/GR, HF/VHF/AM/FM/CW, field portable counter intelligence/surveillance receiver, w/ac pwr cord, operational, $275.00.

    R-1617/USQ-46, scanning receiver, TS-2963, & air deployed sensor, used Vietnam on the HoChiMin trail. $400.00

    RF-SB-6, HF/SSB base/vehicular transceiver, Harris/RF-Comm, 2avl, $200ea $350 both w/extras, local pickup only.

    RT-67, LB/VHF/FM vehicular/ground transceiver, operational, $100.00

    RT-68, LB/VHF/FM vehicular/ground transceiver, operational, $100.00

    RT-70, LB/VHF/FM vehicular/ground/backpack transceiver, operational, $100.00
    AM-65, audio amp/pwr supply for above. $50.00
    CY-590, battery box for above & PRC-16, $50.00

    RT-323/VRC-24, UHF/AM vehicular transceiver, ops unknown. $100.00

    SC-120D, HF/AM/SSB/CW backpack transceiver, Southcom, ops unknown. $225.

    SC-130, HF/AM/SSB/CW backpack transceiver, Southcom, working w/rare backpack bag, battery box, & whip antenna mount. $350.

    SKY-515, VHF/AM backpack transceiver, w/battery box, battery, tape antenna, & parts radio. Ops unknown, $185.00.

    TR-PP-11, LB/VHF/FM HT Portuguese/French. $100 operation?

    URC-11, UHF/AM downed airman's rescue transceiver. $50.00.

    URC-32, Collins KWT-6, 2-30mc HF/AM/SSB transceiver, 500watt, complete w/manual $1000.00 local pickup only.

    URC-35, HF/SSB/AM/CW transceiver, 100watt, w/amp, exciter, shock mnt, stacking kit, cables, etc, was purchased as working but doesn't. $500.00 local pickup preferred.

    URC-54, UHF/AM manpack/vehicular complete set w/all acc & manual, working, $150.

    URC-68, UHF/AM/LB/VHF/FM, downed airman/tactical hand held transceiver. operational, $100.00

    URC-773, LB/VHF/FM backpack transceiver, w/D cell battery box, Vectronox/Southcom/Philipean, working $325.00ea($600 both) 2avl.

    51J-4 receiver Collins with all three mechanical filters, top & bottom covers, tools still inside, & original cabinet. It's working but may not be to spec. It was my main station receiver & now I just have no more room & need other equipment. $1000 local pickup only.

    SSB-1, RCA HF/SSB transceiver w/manual $100.00 local pickup only.

    SSB-100MIL, HF/SSB transmitter, general coverage military version of Eldico SSB-100. w/manual $200.00 local pickup only.

    RS-6, HF/CW Spec Forces/Rescue/CIA, transmitter, receiver, both power supplies, manual & misc, $1000.

    T-195/GRC-19, HF/AM/CW transmitter, Collins, w/manual, $450.00, local pickup only.

    TBY, WW-II VHF/AM backpack transceiver, w/backpack bag, manual, antenna, power supply, headset, CW key, etc etc. $770.00(spoken for).

    TBX-8, WW-II HF/AM/CW manpack transceiver, w/antenna kit, manual, crank gen, CW key, xtal cal, Acc box, pwr cables, pwr sup, etc etc, $1200.00 prefer local pickup.

    TCS, WW-II HF/AM/CW transmitter & receiver, w/desirable shock mount & stacking kit, exc cond. $375 local pickup only.

    TRC-552, VHF/FM backpack transceiver, Iraqi/Desert Storm capture(French design), with battery, operation unknown but not dead, $250.00.

    618T, Collins 2-30mc HF/AM/SSB AC transceiver, ops unknown, $250 local pickup only.

    ART-13, Collins HF/AM/CW AC transmitter, w/dyno, pwr cables, manual, cal book, low freq module, operational, $650.00 local pickup only.

    BC-348, HF/AM/CW AC receiver, nice conversion to 110vac $275 sold with above or after only.

    HF packset wanted, I'm in need of a all around good late model PRC-1099 must be ready for the air. Other portable HF/SSB Commercial, or Military transceivers are also of interest.
    HF base station needed. Possible considerations might be Harris RF-280, RF-3200, Sunair GSB 900. Must work 1.6-30mc minimum, USB/LSB/AM, have squelch control, & rotary knob tuning. Also Solid state 500-700 watt amp is also on my want list. TW500, TW700, SGC Power Cube, what have you? No CB junk!
    Also desperatelyneed the following items for radios I hope to soon use on the air:
    Codan 8332, 8121 & 6924 Mk2, complete or parts radios, schematic & service manuals.
    Hallicrafters OPS/TR-9, OPS/SBT-18 & SBT-18-22. Complete & parts radios for the above. All accessories including whip & antenna tuner.
    Racal Syncal 30(TRA-931X), need battery box(MA-394 or ?), & carry equipment.

    Contact me via email. Please NO PHONE CALLS!

    Dennis Starks
    Military Radio Guy
    Monitor(all USB):
    3996, 5403.5, 7296, 14342.5, 18157.5
  2. W9EVT

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    military radio for sale

    Im a old boat anchor collector,see my 4 year old web site thru qrz,would lile to increase my military collection,after reading listim not sure of what i should buy Could we talk on phone as my poor eyesight makes email difficult,if you send me ur numb er and a time i may call,tnx for ur time George w9evt 920 847 2500
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