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01-23-2005, 08:24 AM
I regularly hear a French-speaking AM group on 3550, around 0630 to 0800 GMT. The stronger stations are about 50% readability here (in middle TN), but I have never been able to catch their callsigns. Their French doesn't sound Canadian, and when I hear them, 80 m. SSB QSO's from UK can nearly always be heard with good readability, so I suspect they are French (or Swiss or Belgian). Most of the conversation I am able to catch seems to be about radio (rigs, antennas, etc.). I get best copy using the NNE beverage receiving antenna.

I have been hearing this AM activity on 3550 for several winters, but the stations are never strong enough here for me to copy their callsigns. Maybe someone closer to their QTH could get an ID..

01-23-2005, 05:29 PM

I recently got back in touch with Claude, F5HSH, with whom I built a nice friendship from 10m AM activity during sunspot Cycle 23.

He often mentioned quite the revival in vintage radio and the specialty of AM across Europe in much the same way north american radio hobbyists saw about 10-15 years ago.

I'll email him with your description of this activity on 75m and perhaps he can suggest some possiblities.

I wonder if some of the Dog-Xray guys might be able to help? Tom, K1JJ and Chuck, K1KW (nee WA1EKV) each have excellent long-haul 75m arrays that should be able to pull those stations out FB. However, unlike yourself, I don't believe either speaks French. Maybe they can roll some tape and send you a sound file to translate?

ciao for now

01-25-2005, 10:24 AM
Hello Paul
Nice to hear from you.
The AMers heard by K4KYV may well be a group of French AM enthousiasts
located mostly in ther center or South West of France.
There is one net I know of on 3550 every Sunday morning at 9.00 local
i.e 0700 or 0800 GMT, depending on the time of the year (Daylight
Time or not)
See :
Their qso on 3550 is "not in the phone portion of the band", as F5MAF
(under)states it ! But historically they have been there for more than
years and "shall not be moved !"
The Captain of the QSO is F6ACB.
Then at 9.30 local time, there is another AM net on 3665.5 on Sundays
at 9.00 local time on Saturdays)
Tha Captain is F5OTG
Go to the above mentioned http and click on "AM" then scroll down and
will see the calls of the OMs in these two nets : F6ACB, F6HSB,
F5BHJ... A
click on their calls will show you their equipment.
Since I have no 80 or 40 m antenna I cannot call them. Listening to
them on
the beam doesn't work - I only heard them once, faintly.
If I can get hold of the email address of one of them I will mail him
tell them they may have been heard in TN.
As K4KYV noticed, most of their QSOs have technical contents : aerial,
At the bottom of the page their are two links pointing to AM in the USA
If you can, choose to read the French version of his site. The English
version is not as complete as the French one (also, the translation is
always 100%...)
Anyway, the pics speak for themselves !
Bye for now
Best 73
Claude - F5HSH