View Full Version : Possible scam using a Canadian/UK Ham callsign

03-09-2012, 03:03 PM
I posted an ad in the equipment wanted section. I got response from a Canadian operator - who is currently away in England (and has a G0 call) and wants to sell his Alinco DR-635T radio to me.

I highly suspect that this response/email is a scam. I checked the call sign on QRZ and found no email listed; same with his UK call sign too. Did anyone else receive similar emails? Wants my phone number and shipping info to arrange shipping. I did send him a PM through the forum and am yet to hear back.


03-12-2012, 07:49 PM
OK! Now, I have confirmed that this is a scam. At first he wanted a USPS money order. So, I asked him where he wanted me to send the MO - as his QRZ page says he is in London. Two days later I receive the following email.

I have been in the hospital all weekend and just got back home today, I fell off my roof and bruised my neck and leg. Please I would want you to send the money to the orphanage in West Africa ( LINK A CHILD ORPHANAGE HOME ) as I usually do this every month end to assist them but due to my condition now I won't be able to do the transaction from here. I would be glad if you can do this on my behalf and when the transfer has been made, kindly get back to me with the payment info so I can send to their agent for confirmation. Here is the information you need to transfer the money via Money Gram Transfer to the Orphanage home:

contact info for person in Lagos - deleted

Sadly, this person is using a real persons call signs and knows that he is out of the country. I have tried reaching out to the operator via the QRZ forums but have not heard back.

Please be careful dealing with anyone on the internet; if it's too good to be true.....