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02-17-2008, 11:44 PM
hello all...

i got this antenna , and have had it for a month or too...but i find it a bit def.....i have put it ground mounted with 2 radials per band.as it said in the booklet... swr is fine apart from 80m... all im asking has anyone else had this problem . i dont even get a noise floor.and that on every band,,,, i got this secondhand, maybe one of the traps are no good??? but how can you tell ....
my self i just think its low on the incoming,. i wounder if the 10m trap if its broken would effect the rest of the antenna. please some help would be great ,,

02-18-2008, 12:05 AM
A trap can be broken and it will still receive. A trap is there to trick the antenna to allow "multi-band"(although my tuner does it better) capabilties.

So a trap can be broken and you should still be able to receive. After all, the antenna is aluminum, so if hooked up properly, just a meter of aluminum will receive (not well, but it will).

You most likely have a short in the coax, or a bad connector. If you aren't hearing anything at all, I would say a bad connector closer to the radio end.

Oh, and you are going to need more than 2 radials to radiate a half good signal if ground mounted. Lay down between 16-32 radials of any length, a lot of short radials would work too.

02-18-2008, 12:58 AM
I have a 5BTV Hustler, mounted on a metal fence post ("T" Post") and grounded to a wire fence around the back yard (Garden?) and it works FB. To get good results, per the manual, you need to start by adjusting the highest band fiorst, then the next, and so on.

mine was used too, and I re-assembled, cleaning all tubing joints first, both inside and outside with fine sandpaper (Translation?) #400 grit.

Given the sunspots, most of my antennae are a bit "deaf" these days.

de Bob

02-18-2008, 02:09 AM
Start at the beginning and check through the installation. If there is another ham that can look at it with you that would be good as two heads are better than one! I have had a couple of those antennas and they are not fragile really so I wouldn't think that a trap would be broken. You tune it from the bottom up.
So 10 first then above that. Even though 10 and maybe 15 is fairly dead, you should at least get something going well on 20 and 40! Check your connections especially the PL-259 at the radio. I used to have one in the ground with NO radials as a novice and had a lot of fun with it. You should be able to get it to tune reasonably well without using a tuner except 40 and 80. 40 should be good for either the phone or the cw band but not both. Make sure you have the correct antenna port selected on the radio if you have more than one and RF gain is up all the way, no attenuator is on, as well as other radio settings that could mess ya up if overlooked.

02-18-2008, 03:44 AM
Without being there I cannot judge what's happening.

However you said the "SWR is good," which implies the antenna is really connected and the traps are fine.

Unless a 10m trap is open it wouldn't impact anything; however if a 10m trap were open, your SWR on all bands below 10m (15-20-30-40-80) would be terrible.

2 radials per band for a ground mounted 6BTV? Where does it say that? That's not correct. Normally you need at least 2 radials per band for an elevated vertical (30' or higher above earth) but for a ground-mounted one, you'd need 30-40-50 radials to make the antenna work properly, including the 6BTV (I have one).

A "low SWR" is often an indication of a really poor working antenna. My dummy load has a perfect SWR across about fifteen ham bands but doesn't radiate worth a darn. With a vertical, if your SWR bandwidth is very good, there's usually something wrong, and that "something" is usually an insufficient ground/radial system.


02-18-2008, 10:54 AM
first of all thanks you all for comeing back with some info on the matter...this reply if for all . ok seems my trap may not be broken well that good,,,ok when i first got this antenna in the dx engineering installation booklet .it said i can install the antenna on a 4ft pole driven into the ground .thats what i did and its still on that same pole.swr was fine but needed to be tuned a bit.anyway i wasnt getting much of any strong signals .yes i get s7 or maybe s8 signals on 40m and 20m bands but it is only one person the rest of the qso,s that they have i just cant here them ... anyway last night i keep an eye. i was on 80m could only get the swr down to 1.8 with the tunner. cant remember what station it was but it was the srongest on that 80m band , at s4 and as time went on , around 10pm the signal was only s1 if that... tuneing up and down the band to me it was dead,maybe it was at that time but im sure 80 m band is very alive at night...ok back to the installation of the antenna . ok so its on a driven pole 4ft into the ground . as it wasnt doing much i added some radials following the chart on page 9... and yes one of you who replyed was right its from the last page befor on page 8 and is for elevated antennas.but would this make if worse of by adding them.didnt seem to make it any better by adding them .....i am now thinking could this be that the driven pole i have done could be taken the radils systerm out of the way .. hummmm how can i put this , like earthing the antenna to earth and it cant even see the radials...i have read alot about this antenna over the past day . all seems to point to the ground radial systerm .........where the antenna is put i do have a garden fence thats wire base it stands about 3 or maybe 4 ft tall and one part of it is only about 4 ft away from the antenna . but this fence goes around my garden , and my garden is 30ft across by 70 long... these are just things im adding ,it maybe helpfull. im sure though that a few antenna that i have had wasnt as def as this one .but then haveing a no noisy noise floor is great . but in the end i do wont this to work a bit better if i can ....hope the sun is out for you lot ,, it is here in england so have a very nice day... andy

02-18-2008, 03:04 PM
just saying can an isolator at the feed point of the antenna ,make my antenna a bit def ....it does say in the book so may turn,s of coax but i put a line insolator thinking it does the same job.???

02-18-2008, 03:12 PM
What kind of pole is it mounted on?? It should be of metal, i.e. steel, and not painted or anything like that.

02-18-2008, 04:41 PM
What kind of pole is it mounted on?? It should be of metal, i.e. steel, and not painted or anything like that.

its on an ally pole none painted ... but i have taken out of line an isolator that i did get from new and it seems that the signals are a lot higher and coming in .... could be a plug but ill leave the isolator off for know...

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